10 Soulful Steps to Stay On Your Path (& Get Back On if You Went Off)

IMG_3545As a coach, business owner, new mama and wife (amongst other things), I too have moments of feeling off my path. There are moments I even question what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, to help me stay on my path.

This is normal.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit off your path, a bit disenchanted, or like you need to check in to see what’s going on for you – to see if you are off or changed direction – then you are in for a treat with today’s blog post.

After years of being on and off my path I’ve found 10 Soulful Steps that I always use to stay on my path, and to get back on when I go off in another direction that is not aligned with my heart. This can be anything, like a program I’m designing, a new free offering, a new project, or a check-in I do when I’m feeling off.

I’m curious to know if, as a creative being, you find yourself…

Sidetracked and onto the next thing thinking this is going to be “IT”?

It goes a bit like this, you read a blog post, watch a video, then there’s another next thing you have to do…

Or attend a webinar, a workshop, or listen to a podcast, then are off to do the “new thing” and end up feeling off, not in touch with your heart.

I get it and have to keep coming back to my truth, too.

If you’d like to have your own personal check in system so you’re not easily side-tracked or distracted, then keep reading, Sweet Soul.

My 10 Soulful Steps to Keep You On Your Path or Get Back On

  1. Love thyself

    Loving yourself is foundational for anything to happen. If you are feeling off the first thing to ask is, are you loving yourself at that moment? Are you being kind? Are you allowing yourself to feel the way you are feeling? Even at the darkest moments you always want to love yourself because you may be releasing, healing or letting go of something.

    Love yourself for showing up as YOU. Click to tweet…

  2. Know thyself

    Knowing yourself is for you to do, not anyone else. What are your tendencies? Habits? Patterns? Look at when you have been on your path and when you have fallen off. What is the usual thing you do or say to talk yourself into or out of something? Dig deep and keep asking yourself these 3 Questions: 1. WHY am I doing this? 2. What is the reason? 3. Who is this for?

    Know thyself and see if there is anything else under what shows up. Click to tweet…

  3. Call yourself out

    Call yourself out. This could sting and also be your best tool in your toolbox. So you’re about to veer off to do something new… now, is this because you think this is the “magic pill” or the one thing that is going to solve everything? Be the tough loving coach for yourself and own up to the truth. Now you can begin to focus on what you’re about to do and see if this is really needed in your life or business. If not, cut out the extra fluff.

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  4. Validate yourself

    Validating yourself will heal anything that just came up when knowing thyself or calling yourself out. It’s easy to validate the wins, the good things that we do, but when we eff up and make a “bad choice” or decision, or act out on something, we tend to beat ourselves up. This will slow you down. So, if you’ve fallen off your path, let yourself know you did a great job of falling off your path. Validating it will release any resistance you have towards it.

    Validate yourself to be your own best friend. Click to tweet…

  5. Forgive, forgive, forgive

    Forgiveness of yourself for feeling like you want to quit, throw it all away, or whatever snags you to go off your path. For feeling you need to be further along, for whatever you feel is the “reason” you are not as far along as you think you need to be. Forgive yourself for going off your path, it’s part of the journey. Forgive others for whatever they do, to clear your energy and forgive yourself again.

    Forgive yourself to clear up your karma and let go of resentment. Click to tweet…

  6. Ask yourself what you are learning

    Ask yourself what you are learning when you hit a bump or get snagged. When you don’t get the outcome or results you “thought” you’d have happen, or had a huge blow up with someone like a client, coach, teacher, family member, friend, VA, or even a co-worker.  When you feel like a failure, ask yourself the power question, “What am I learning from this?” Get rid of the story and get the gold of what will help you to get back on your path and be even more aligned.

    Asking yourself what you are learning will help you to see there’s always more to help you grow. Click to tweet…

  7. Give up being serious for being amused

    Giving up being serious for being amused was the biggest game changer for me and put me on a path that was more true to who am than anything. Being serious does not solve anything. (Read that again.) When you shift from this to being amused, the amusement and ability to laugh at something that may be challenging is not as challenging. The energy flows. If you are doing this, great, keep up with it. If you haven’t ,then play with laughing at something and see how it shifts.

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  8. Keep your word & follow through

    Keep your word & follow through on what you say you will do. If you have fallen off your path, could this be the place? Go back to #3, #4, #5, then clear up the energy by taking imperfect action #10. A big one is to keeping your money space clear, so pay your bills on time and if you need help, ask for help. Ask for a better payment plan or a way to keep your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

    Keep your word & follow through so you can have less energetic debt and stay on your path. Click to tweet…

  9. End the cycle on projects that need to go

    End the cycle on projects that need to go. When we are creatives and on our path, we can have things that we started that have not come into full manifestation yet. All good. You can check to see if it’s still aligned for you. You can end the cycle on something and let it go so you can open up for what you’re creating next. Perhaps what got you off your path is a project that wasn’t for you. Go back to see if this is true for you so you can end it and get back on your path. No need to feel bad about it, let this free up your energy.

    End the cycle on projects that need to go so you can open up for what you are creating. Click to tweet…

  10. Give yourself Permission to take imperfect action

    Give yourself permission to take imperfect action in order to take the steps you know you need to take. Fear of getting it wrong can stop you dead in your tracks, so you look outside yourself to figure it out. This is cool if you do, make sure you look for someone like a coach, teacher, mentor or friend who get’s you and can help you to move forward on what’s true for you. If you’re off your path, ready to get back on, then you can start taking action knowing this one step will help you to get out of the rut.

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    To close this off here is one of my power tools, a Permission Statement.“I give myself permission to release the need to have everything perfect to take action. I am enough and know whatever I create and put out into the world is from my heart. It gets easier every day to take imperfect action and have fun on my path. With gratitude I send this out to the Universe. And so it is…”Say your Permission Statement every day outloud with enthusiasm while looking in the mirror. (Even if you feel awkward, it will work. I’ve had clients not into this at first who use it, and they were amazed at how it shifted them.)

Great JOB!!!! Now you have a way to check in to stay on your path or get back on.

Now your turn, Sweet Soul!

Share with me a time you were off your path and what you used to get back on. Or share what you’ve been experiencing now, and which of these 10 steps helped you.

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I can’t wait to read your comment and connect with you, Sweet Soul!


Your Angel of Fire,






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