A safe space for deep shifts. Real change + integration = living a life you love.

The 12 Week Paradigm-Shift Program will help you dismantle old stories and beliefs and discover a new value structure that supports your soul’s desires, your boldest goals in your business, and your deepest joy.

It’s about putting patterns of sabotage to rest, and navigating major turning points — new careers, new partners, new worldviews, new mind-sets, new ways of being, soul identity.

We line up your values with your choices so you can live a more fulfilling life and have a business you love–fast.

This 3-month program is my minimum length program, because it takes focus, time and action to create lasting change in your life. You are unique, and your process must be honored. We’ll spend a minimum of a quarter-year together, working on specific goals and self-designed actions.

You will learn to:

  • to communicate from your true essence
  • set intentions — large and small — and see them through
  • release old habits, complaining, or wedging yourself into a corner of shame
  • love and be loved, heal your relationship, or re-open the portal to dating
  • let go of proving yourself and stop feeling desperate for approval
  • let your authentic self shine without fear of rejection

Together, we’ll build your self-trust, self-love, and self-esteem, helping you to:

  • access support like never before
  • forgive and release past experiences
  • love what IS
  • find your voice, free of victimization
  • see your value as a woman
  • purposefully stop the habits that get in your way

The Paradigm-Shift Program begins with the Breakthrough Soul Session and includes a strategic series of transformational elements that adapts to your unique journey.

What you get:

Month 1: Lay the Inner Foundation

  • One 2-hour Breakthrough Soul Session with a meditation to nourish your soul’s evolution that are designed just for you, via phone
  • Followed by two 45-min follow-up sessions

Month 2: Lay the Outer Foundation

  • One 1-hour Paradigm Shifting Session with a meditation/practice to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min follow-up sessions

Month 3: Integrate, Walk the walk

  • One 1-hour Paradigm Shifting Session with a meditation/practice to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min integration sessions


  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Feedback on what you are working on in your business
  • Email check-in’s for accountability and to keep you on track
  • Access to a private forum with personalized notes and exercises + mp3 recordings of every session


  • Access to Meditate, Create & Liberate Program ($147)

If you are ready to start making some major shifts, let’s connect so you can see what’s possible outside your current paradigm.

Your first step is to apply for your Complimentary Clarity Session if you have not already. We’ll get you into the program as soon as we agree it’s a beautiful match.

Meet some women like you who had great results…

I have never experienced working with a coach like her.

Hillary really made me think about things and put them to use. When you need help and self-discovery, you need to be told straight out what isn’t working. She is the one to do that.

One experience that blew me away was when she had told me that my relationship with my husband was a total role reversal. I was acting as the man and he was acting as the woman b/c of our financial situation and it was emasculating him. I never thought of it that way. It opened my eyes to give him some decision-making control and let him be the “man” in our marriage.

One of the results I got was when putting more fun into my life, it radiated and not only made me happy but others around me were more at ease. The best thing about working with Hillary is her honesty. I know I have said this repeatedly but it is the truth. I never got bored talking to her.” – Jessica Crane

I feel more confident, energized and at ease.

The biggest result that surprised me was time management.  I became more focused on goals that motivated me to accomplish a lot more in a short amount of time than I thought.I made tremendous shifts to stay in action, be centered and focused on what matters, starting with the body, seeking what is working day-to-day and aligning myself to create more space for my soul’s desires. Hillary’s out of the box strategies challenged me to realize emerging (new and existing) qualities about myself and accept being me.” – Dey Brown

The best thing about working with Hillary is when she tells it like it is.

“When my negative self-talk train is barreling ahead at warp speed she stops me in my tracks. Cuts me off. Won’t let me continue, even if I try. She calls me on my “STUFF” – and I freaking love that. I NEED THAT. Hillary helped me to dig deep & peel back some layers – in doing so I discovered the Coach in me. I’m beginning to see that this is where I want to focus my energy. I’m also going to start PLANNING my days in order to direct my energy in the most effective and efficient way possible. I will take time for PLAY and FUN. I will CELEBRATE my successes and accomplishments. Seriously…Hillary is amazing…I learned SO MUCH from her.” – Jackie Dumaine

Something very unexpected happened when I committed to working with Hillary.

I signed up to get motivation and assistance for my new business (that was really an extension of my current business). I was viewing them as these two separate entities and Hillary helped me shift my thinking so that I could see how important the success of my current business was for the success of launching my second.

Unexpectedly, my business took off and really flourished in about a month. Hillary was also great and changing my perspective from one of lack, to one of abundance. This shift was a small change in the way I was viewing things, but it paid off quickly and greatly!” – Anna Long