What’s the Roadblock You Always Hit? Bust it Now!

Enough is enough already…

You make beautiful commitments to yourself. You swear up and down that this time will be different. You’re so, so ready to take that next step and then… you hit a wall. You get distracted. Maybe you head off in another direction altogether. It’s ok. That’s just part of being human – but the difference is that you see it clearly now. Now you know it’s a pattern. It’s time to wake up, to stop just talking about it and start step into action!

Fear, ego and addiction can keep you from living up to your fullest potential.

They hold you back from trusting yourself, from those big breakthroughs that you pray for. It’s a crazy cycle, and all of us have experienced this hamster-on-the-wheel feeling at one point or another. True!

If you’re anything like me, you’re fired up about life, raring to go… but something’s always getting in your way, and you just can’t put your finger on it. You hit bumps in the road, surprises you weren’t ready for, obstacles you had no idea how to overcome…

…But what if these problems were there to keep you more alive?

Step back, and picture this…

You’re ready to be the woman who makes it happen in your life. It’s so there you can taste it, feel it and hear it.

You know this is B.S., but it stops you every time. It becomes the usual thing that always happens, it’s your pattern… you almost feel as though you’re hard-wired to fail. It borders on addiction.You gear up. You get ready. You dot all the i’s cross all the t’s and then… BAM. The old story takes you down. “I’m not good enough,” you think. Or it doesn’t work out like you planned. Or a huge challenge shows up and completely sideswipes you. Ouch!

So how are you gonna smash through those glass walls you’ve placed around yourself?

Try this right now and see if it helps you –

First step is BE with it. Seek out the exact moment, the point in time when that FEAR wall went up. What’s the trigger that sends you off in that spiral? Once you get that, ask “How does this serve me? What is this fear trying to protect me from?”

Second step get this: You lack nothing. Open yourself up to the truth that you have everything right now. Feel it.

Open yourself to the emotions. Observe them carefully…Get out of your head and go into your heart- that’s where you’ll find your best insights.Stop, put your hands on your heart right now for 2 minutes and breathe into your heart.

Count your blessings, fill up on the understanding that you have all you need right now. After 2 minutes, ask “What is it I need to do? What is the step I need to take?”Open up to your true guidance system.

Third step ask yourself this – “What do I need to stop doing in order to get the results I want?”You are the wild warrior woman who breathes and shifts the world. Go to the edge within and look at yourself. Are you in alignment with your values? What do you need to stop doing (hint, go back to step 1).

If you are moving forward and still not breaking through – if you’re looking for real-time help anchored in proven steps – if you’re ready to design the masterpiece that is your life, then get your powerful self over to Your Souls University  to be the one who makes it happen. Enough is enough. It’s time to get livin’ sister girl!

Stop worrying about what the world around you needs. Ask yourself what you need. What makes you come alive? Do that.

So what’s the roadblock you always hit? How are you gonna get around it this time? Tell me all about it in the comments. I have been right where you are and when you share it then you can get some support to break through it.  Don’t be shy, speak your truth!


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