3 life and business lessons I learned when 5 planets went retrograde

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I prefer to live in present time.

Right now I’m going to give myself permission to go back a few weeks in time to share some lessons I’ve learned or relearned…

It was the Monday before I was leaving the country and I heard a guy in the post office say he was there to get his passport renewed. I thought to myself, I’m not sure where my passport is.

I called my husband who had it with all of our family’s passports. Then we joked about it being expired. That is when the shit hit the fan, so to speak.

OMG! It has expired, like two weeks ago. We were scheduled to get on the plane the next day at 1pm.

I turned my car around then went into the drugstore to get new photos. This seemed like a smart thing to do and something I could be in control of. Then, when I got home, I hopped on Facebook and asked for help.

Immediately I got comments and private messages to help us with what we could do. It was after 3pm so we were out of luck to do anything government related. Both my husband and I got on the phone, and after about an hour, we had an early appointment at the Federal Building to get a rushed passport.

We showed up with our car packed and ready to go at 6am in the morning. I had to take care of my son during all of this. They suggested we go to the airport to let the airline know what was going on. My hubby stepped up and said we’re going to make this happen. We got upgraded. He was so clear on this and was totally committed.

At 11am or close to it, we got the passport and rushed to the airport. We made it within minutes to get on the plane and through airport security. Note being late does help to get ahead of the lines so getting there 3hrs early to me makes it more of a drag.

First lesson learned, or relearned is: it all works out. Commit and stay focused on what you’d like to have happen, be kind and trust we live in a friendly Universe. Click to tweet…
We’re never alone and if we’re going through something scary or hard, we are not the first, so focus on those who’ve done it and get their support.

We had a miracle happen, and then the trip unfolded…

hilllary_vacaWe were overseas in Israel for 2 weeks and I was gearing up for my Breakthrough to Coaching Experience 5-day Coaching Challenge & Interview Series. I worked my tush off to get everything done so my team, my amazing team, could do what they needed to do.

I could step away and have them get stuff done. Yay for that.

There were some things I had to do, like working with clients, that I thought would be easy with technology. Guessed wrong. I had days without internet because it went down. It was frustrating. Communication was held up and I had the worst jet lag ever along with a toddler getting sick.

It helped to build his immune system and he had fun even while being sick. Everyone got sick but me, which was a big win. Gotta focus on the small wins.

I had my moments of complaining, then remembering the miracle of us even being there. Gratitude worked along with meditation and I had to let myself be human. As coaches, mothers, wives, friends, we are all human after all, right?

Second lesson learned, or relearned is: Get as much done before you go away and let go. Don’t go for perfect, go for progress. Click to tweet…
Let go of what you thought would happen and allow what happens to happen. Enjoy the time when you are not working as much as when you are. Working while taking time off is fun, and when things don’t go as planned, enjoy it instead of resisting it.

Surprises and how lesson one is pretty powerful…

On the way back it was a bit tricky with our seats. We got seats that were not together and the airline promised they would move us. Well, at 11pm when we showed up to the airport, there was nothing that could happen.

The airline said, sorry we can’t do anything, the flight is overbooked. You can go into economy class to be together (ah not for a 15hr flight with a toddler!), or stay apart. With all the meditation and manifesting magic we hit a wall. Well it seemed like we did. The airline kept looking at what they could do and were not able to move anyone or ask them to move. So we had to let go and trust again. Then they came back to say we will credit you back for the upgrade. That was a win!

We had to remember what we overcame before we left. Back to our first lesson.

When the plane was boarding we got to our seats and I was sitting in the middle of a couple with a baby. Odin’s feet could barely stay on me and my hubby was stressing out a bit. What was interesting is the couple was betting on my seat being empty, and it wasn’t, so there was the opening to it working out.

I asked them if they’d like to be next to each other and they said, you can have the window or stay where you are, that’s it. They were not giving up the aisle seat and I wouldn’t have either.

I took the window seat, then the magic happened… with very little effort.

The woman next to my husband suggested the guy next to her (he was in a middle seat) take my window seat, then have me and Odin move back to sit with him. The guys said yes and it all worked out.

Once again, lesson one was relearned because it’s a valuable one.

Jet lag, crashes and the show must go on…

I was happy to be home, we all were. A few days in I felt little to no jet lag which was pretty cool. I did a few podcast interviews to promote my challenge (check out The Enoughness Revolution Podcast and the Say Yes Podcast) and had a couple client sessions. I felt a bit like superwoman. 🙂

I felt I was getting back into my groove.

It was Saturday and I was off to do some errands and felt pretty good. Odin and I got into the car and were off. He fell right asleep. I was driving for the first time in a couple of weeks and It felt good to be driving again.

I was about 10 min from my house, driving, enjoying the day and CRASH! A car came in front of me and we had an accident. I was totally out of my body, and the accident got me in my body right away. Odin was asleep and did not wake up.

I was freaked out, so was the woman I had the accident with.

She was yelling and I was focused on getting Odin out of the car. It shook me up. Life became even more precious, fragile, and I was flooded with guilt. Maybe I have to not do my challenge, maybe I have to pull the plug on it for now.

So much was coming up for me.

The most important thing was everyone was OK. The woman was really angry and I was grateful we were all OK. There are no witnesses and it’s our words against each other. The police were cool and I kept as calm as I could considering what happened.

Third lesson learned, or relearned is: Focus on what really matters and the show must go on. Click to tweet…
When things like this happen I give myself space to be with it and know that my feelings are not me. Getting caught up in the stuff, the fear, and letting my shit take over is a recipe for disaster. This is where the show must go on – this is in life and in business.

What I find interesting is how we all create obstacles on a spirit level, unconsciously, and forget this.

One tool I use to help me with this is to Love and Forgive the part of me (you) that creates obstacles. This is my practice for when I create some big, fun, adventurous obstacles. I did have moments of feeling awful, that’s normal, we all do – the key is to let it happen and let it go.

Now over to you, Sweet Soul…

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from a challenge or obstacle in your life or business that helps you today. What big (or small) lessons have popped up to remind you to stay in the present, to go for progress not perfect, and to focus on what really matters? And if you have any tools, like my love and forgiveness tool, please share that, too.

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