3 Pesky Hidden Reasons Why You Get Distracted From Doing What You Desire

blognov8Let’s agree that we are all aware of the obvious distractions we have in our modern lives today.

Whether it’s your phone, your computer, to-do list that goes on for days, a viral video or piece of gossip, we are all guilty of giving our energy to things that do not serve us in the best way.

Basically, you know your “distraction of choice” and when you use it, right? BUT what about when we are doing what we love, that we’ve been working towards having for so long, and finally have it?

It’s crazy how we get distracted even when we are doing what we love… Click to tweet…

Heads up, being self aware and calling yourself out is required here.

So, Sweet Soul, if you’re up for it, this post is going to rock your world in the best way! My intention is to be real, honest and show you what may be the hidden reason that you are not giving yourself the energy you deserve.

AND for you to validate whatever you do discover here, because once you see what I’m talking about, it will be easier to take action and do something about it.

Plus, you may even stop the cycle that’s giving your dreams, projects, life, and business itty bitty crumbs instead of the main course – which it requires (and deserves) to actually manifest.

Now let’s talk about those pesky dark hidden reasons and why you are getting distracted.

See which ones are true for you. When reading each one, ask yourself if it’s TRUE or FALSE.

1. I don’t feel I deserve to have the same respect or attention I give to other people, projects or anything else I committed to.

Because you feel like you are a failure or you have someone else’s voice in your head asking you who you think you are. You may have failed in the past and this is taking your energy up because you are not allowing yourself to be in present time to create what you desire to have or create.

You tell yourself you are not as talented as (fill in the blank).

2. When I finally clear my plate to have the time and space to focus on my dream, project, life or business, I react.

You put anything in there instead to fill up the time because you feel insecure. OR you get snagged by having thoughts of fear of missing out and put that before yourself.

You tell yourself you don’t have the time, you don’t book your own stuff in your calendar and put it last, last, last. You prove to yourself that you don’t have the time and start to believe this, even though you took a weekend to study with a great teacher, time to clean your house or to help your friend move.

3. Deep down I don’t believe I can really make it happen. 

The unknown scares the crap out of you so you fall into what you know, what you can do and secretly give up on yourself by getting distracted by something else. You create some reason why it can’t happen (that you know is a cover up).

You tell yourself everyone else can do it, you tell them they can do it too, and are their best cheerleader. But when it comes to you, you’re throwing rotten energy tomatoes at what you deeply desire to have. There is a glitch in your belief in yourself and it’s outdated with your elementary school back pack.

Reflection time.

Which one stood out for you?

I know this may bring up some stuff, so stay with me because we are going to turn it around so you can get your energy back for yourself.

Now validate yourself for doing a good job of getting distracted in this way. YES, tell yourself you did a good job doing it. From there, you can give yourself permission to focus the time you are putting in other places on YOURSELF.

Permission Statement time.

Fill in the blanks to make it your own, and use this Permission Statement to put yourself first and no longer have to deal with those pesky hidden distractions.  

I give myself permission to release the need to use my ___________________ (pesky hidden distraction) as a way to avoid focusing my energy on _________________ (what I really want to do in my life). I am enough, do enough and have enough. I am worthy to put my time and energy into my dreams, projects, life and business. I deserve to succeed. I believe in myself and know my journey is unique to me. With gratitude I send this out to the Universe and am ready to have it. And so it is.

Pssst to get the best results: Say your Permission Statement every day outloud with enthusiasm while looking in the mirror. (Even if you feel awkward, it will work. I’ve had clients not into this at first who now use it daily, and they were amazed at how it shifted them.)

I give myself permission to put myself first. Click to tweet…

Passionate action time.

Let’s put you and your project first, schedule it, and make it happen.

Just like you book your hair appointment, doctor appointments, client appointments, classes, etc., book quality time to focus on your dreams, projects, life, and business. This means you may say ‘No’ to something that is not a fit anymore.

It can be 1 hr a day or 3 hours at night. You get to look at your calendar and see when you can make you matter.

Want a quick jumpstart to identifying the areas in your life where you are unnecessarily leaking energy? Check out the free training audio and Energy Leak Checklist & Clean Up Process Companion Guide I shared last week.

Sweet Soul, I’d love to know which distraction you found was an OMG moment for you. Then tell me in the comments the dream or project you are going to start putting your time and energy into.


Your Angel of Fire,






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