3 steps to end the year feeling more confident

Right now you may be feeling excited or even anxious that the year is ending. As much as I love ending the year, I’m feeling a bit of both, too!

What starts to make things harder is when everything you didn’t do starts to take over your headspace. You might be writing out your goals, resolutions, or what you’re going to finally make happen. You may have even done a planning workshop or bought a planner and started laying your year out, or like me, have been tying up loose ends and slowing down to create space for yourself.

Maybe you are noticing how you’re listing things that keep showing up and are not getting done.

That may be a total downer, or it’s inspiring you. Either way, right now, you get to decide if you’d like to turn that around.

Ultimately YOU are in charge of how you feel. Click to tweet…
(read that again!)

The other day I was talking with a friend who is a coach.  She asked me, “So what’s 2017 look like for you?” I felt my stomach drop and it took me out of the moment of connecting with her. I watched it happen and at first was annoyed because it pressed a button for me.

Then I caught myself and laughed because when she asked the question, I was unloading groceries from the farmer’s market while my son was napping and feeling good about where I was at that moment. In some ways it was a buzz kill.

So I replied, “Well right now I’m unloading groceries, my son’s napping, and we bought a home and we are renovating it with a plan to move in January 31st.” I felt a bit of anxiety in my chest and took a breath because I had to let myself be in present time with what is happening.

It’s taken me years, almost my entire lifetime, to be able to be with what is.

I used to live steps ahead and not be able to see or even validate what I was creating or doing in my life. I was onto the next thing even before things ended. Can you relate?

There is a power to planning, and I’ll be doing some of that before the year ends. And there is a potency to reflection, validation, and seeing what is working, what happened, and closing a cycle before jumping ahead into what’s next.

I’m one for setting big goals, creating, and making things happen. I am also for taking time to validate and acknowledge myself for all I’ve done as well as make time for completion.

It’s easy to feel good when you’re having a win moment.

It’s even easier to let doubt take over and forget what you’ve accomplished when you’re in a non-win moment.

When I started taking the time to VALIDATE myself for what I’ve done, it changed my life and how I am with myself – I’m way nicer and happier with who I am, which in turn makes life easier.

I started doing this work with clients (and at the end of my coach training program, The Art of Becoming a Coach) so we have an actual completion session where they get to acknowledge and validate themselves, and to reflect on what happened over the 3, 6 or even 9 months together.

What has been really surprising is how short the list is at first. You know how if you had to write a list of what you wanted to change or weren’t happy with, it would be really long, probably longer than the one that is for all you’ve done well and accomplished?

It’s bragging, which tends to be looked down upon for women. Not sure why, but it is. So this is where you get to give yourself permission to brag and focus on what you did, even if it’s small.

As women also tend to leave out the smaller steps we’ve taken and only look for the BIG things we’ve done.

Remember, small steps turn into leaps. Click to tweet…

Sweet Soul, let’s raise your vibration and build your confidence because the world needs you to shine bright.

This is a practice you can do daily, weekly, or monthly.

I’ve been asked many times, “Do you think it’s possible to coach others when you are still working through your own issues?” YES! and using this practice will help you big time.

First, list all the things, in bullet points, you can ACKNOWLEDGE and VALIDATE yourself for.

Keep out the story. Let it be EASY!

Next, when you’re done writing it out, read it aloud to yourself by saying, I acknowledge and validate myself for… (fill in the blank from your list)

If you feel weird because this muscle has not worked out much, then use this: “Why is it so easy to acknowledge and validate myself.”

Ok, what are you waiting for?

Get started…

Finally, let others know what are you most proud of yourself for!

When you’re done, come on over to The Art of Coaching Facebook Group and share what it is you found.

Shine bright, be an inspiration, and tell us what you’re proud of doing this year, and it does not matter how big or small it is because size does not matter when it comes to validating yourself.

Now if you’ve been secretly dreaming about becoming a coach, not sure what steps to take, and had it on your to-do list, and are now feeling low because you haven’t taken steps to move forward…don’t stress!

I have the perfect thing to help you turn it around and start moving towards that dream – my workshop, Is Coaching Right for You?

This workshop will…

  • Help you determine if becoming a coach is the right path for YOU
  • Help you decide if you need to get certified or not
  • Clarify what it takes to be a coach and how to get started online

This workshop is for you if you’ve been feeling a tug towards coaching but aren’t sure it’s right for you, or if you need to invest in pricey certification, and how to go about getting started when you discover coaching IS for you.

To celebrate the holidays, and celebrate YOU for doing a great job this year, I’m giving you 50% the workshop (regularly $47).

Click here to grab it now!

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OK, grab some tea or your favorite holiday beverage, and get to work on acknowledging and validating yourself. You DESERVE it!!!

I’ll catch you in the comments and in our private Facebook community, The Art of Coaching.


Your Angel of Fire,




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