5 Systems Your Coaching (or ANY) Business Can’t Survive Without

This week’s blog babysitter, Natasha Vorompiova, is delivering some awesome, easy to follow tips to help save some time in your business so you can get back to serving your clients!

Natasha is such a great resource, we’re grateful to have her as part of the Team Hillary family. Check out the systems she shares, and then join the conversation in the comments.


blog_10.08.14Do you ever feel like you’re running up a never-ending hill?

You’re not alone.

When we’re just starting out and setting the foundation of our businesses, we’re busy, but we’ve got time to take care of everything.

However, as things start to pick up, every area of our business begins to demand more time and energy. To keep up, we have to scale our efforts.

The problem is…

We can’t scale our businesses if we’ve never formalized our procedures. Click to tweet…

We can’t scale something that was never “downloaded” from our head. We become the bottleneck of our own business.

That’s when we feel overwhelmed, burnt out, and eternally tired.

The good news?

You don’t have to let yourself get to that point.


Systematize and Thrive  

System 1: E-mail Management

Come up with a routine that feels natural to you and gets you the results you need.

Your routine can be as simple as:

  1. Opening your inbox
  2. Scanning your messages and deleting obvious spam
  3. Processing the rest of the messages
  4. Closing your inbox

You’ve got to do more than just open your emails. You must take action on them.

Answer the most urgent ones, put the ones that can wait on your to-do list, and save those that contain important information.

Remind yourself about messages that can wait by using tools like Boomerang for Gmail or Followup.cc. These fabulous services allow you to have e-mails sent back to you later. All you need to do is specify when you want to see them again.

E-mails that require action can be forwarded into software like Evernote or Asana and turned into tasks to take care of at a later stage.

Avoid getting sucked back into the e-mail vortex by establishing this new habit right now.


System 2: Client Intake

Clients are the lifeline of every business, so client intake and management systems are absolutely essential. Click to tweet…

Creating a superior experience for your clients can be ensured by one single thing—structure.

Clients love structure and don’t mind getting told what to do. They hire you for your expertise; they need your directions.

Taking your clients through a series of steps that get them the outcome they hired you to produce builds their confidence in you and conveys your expertise.

When you’re crystal clear about your own procedures and how you’re going to work with your clients to get them the results they want, you’re going to impress them. Plus, it’s going to be easier to service more clients without adding much to your workload.

Tools that you should carefully select at this point are a payment processor, scheduler, and those that help you learn more about your clients (like Google or Wufoo forms).


System 3: Client Management

Managing your clients is a breeze when you have all your important information about them in one easily accessible place.

You can use GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, or project management software like Asana.

What information you might want to save?

  • General details
  • Their initial questionnaire answers
  • Copies of signed agreements or contracts
  • Client homework
  • Client progress reports

Simplify things for yourself by creating a template that you can use for every new client. You’ll save time on managing clients and help create consistently superior experiences for your clients.


System 4: Nurturing Relationships

You’re in the business of building relationships, no matter what field you’re in. Click to tweet…

Mastering this skill will propel the success of your business.

Organizing your contacts and keeping on top of interactions with them is imperative for building a maximally successful business.

Client relationship management systems (CRM) are great for this. Contactually, CapsuleCRM, and Highrise are just a few excellent options.

Having trouble getting used to a CRM? Tools like Evernote or Asana can perform the CRM function just as well, especially in the beginning stages of your business.

Establishing a regular process for reaching out and following up with potential clients, peers, and industry leaders is so worth it!

It will enrich your life and build a supportive network to nurture your growth.


System 5: Getting Great Testimonials

Testimonials are vital to our business.

You can go with a single format or combination of them: written, video, audio, social media, and case studies.

It’s a good idea to ask several versions of your key questions, because it gets your clients to give you more thorough feedback.

Positioning your request for a testimonial as request for feedback is very beneficial.  It takes the pressure off them. They won’t feel like they have to sound perfect (and then wind up never writing it). Plus, you want them to sound natural. Make sure to ask if there’s anything you can do to improve your product or service.

After collecting their feedback, turn it into a beautiful and functional testimonial. Edit it so that it highlights the benefits of your service or product in the best way. Send the final version to the client for her approval. Tell her that you’ll be using it on your website (if she doesn’t already know) and ask if you can include her name, job title, website, and headshot.

Cash in on all the great work you’ve been doing by optimizing your testimonials system. Click to tweet…


To Sum Up

You are going to feel so relieved once you establish these basic systems.

These systems are invaluable investments that contribute to the long-lasting growth of your business.

As you start creating and following your systems, you’ll notice that the time you save can be spent on what you love most and do best—making your clients happy—or even taking a well-deserved break.


Are you ready to save some time in your business? Tell us in the comments which one of Natasha’s systems you’re going to try in your business. Where can you systematize to thrive?

Do you have other suggestions for ending the uphill battle? Share your best tips in the comments!


About Natasha…

Natasha SystemsRockNatasha Vorompiova is the founder of SystemsRock, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, and creator of Evernote for Small Business. Her clients are small business owners who start their businesses with passion and a desire for freedom, but find themselves stuck and buried in day-today operations. Natasha creates systems that ensure clients get more done in less time and pave the way for greater profits and long-term success. Check out the FREE Systems Chick’s Guide to Transforming Busyness Into Business for simple ways to grow your business. Connect with Natasha on Facebook and Twitter.


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