You are the protagonist of your life.
Design your ideal life + live it.

The Art of Becoming YOU Program is an intimate overhaul of your inner and outer worlds. If you’re ready to make a real commitment to your own growth in all areas of your life, this is how you wake up from your old, painful existence into a new dream life that truly feeds your soul.

The flow is similar to the 12 Week Paradigm-Shift Program, but with a deeper commitment and an expanded time-frame.

Our work together will influence major life decisions — the kind that you don’t want to face, on your own. You’ll feel supported, strong and safe, freeing you to:

  • leave and heal a relationship that no longer serves your highest desires
  • end a career that drains your energetic resources
  • revolutionize your approach to business, partnering, parenting, and communicating with loved ones
  • embark on major life adventures — travel, new romance, moving across the country
  • make peace with your past and rise fully into your feminine power, as the leader of your own life

The Art of Becoming You Program begins with the Soul Breakthrough Session and includes a strategic series of transformational elements that adapts to your unique journey.

What you get:

Month 1: Lay the Inner Foundation

  • One 2-hour Breakthrough Soul Session with a meditation to nourish your soul’s evolution that are designed just for you, via phone
  • Followed by two 45-min min follow-up sessions

Month 2: Lay the Outer Foundation

  • One 1-hour Paradigm Shifting Session with a meditation/practice to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min follow-up sessions

Month 3: Integrate + Assess, Walk the walk

  • One 1-hour Paradigm Shifting Session with a meditation/practice to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min follow-up sessions

Month 4 + 5: Launch into Your Life

  • One 1-hour The Art of Becoming You Focus Session with a meditation to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min follow-up sessions

Month 6: Assessment

  • One 1-hour The Art of Becoming You Focused Assessment Session with a meditation/practice to nourish your soul’s evolution
  • Followed by two 45-min integration sessions


  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Feedback on what you are working on
  • Email check-in’s for accountability
  • Access to a private forum with personalized notes and exercises + mp3 recordings of every session


  • Access to Meditate, Create & Liberate Program ($147)

If you are at the edge and ready to design and live your most amazing, soul-satisfying life, let’s connect and make sure it’s a perfect match.

Your first step is to apply for your Complimentary Clarity Session if you have not already. Then we’ll get you into the program as soon as we both agree it’s a go!

Meet some women like you who had great results…

Hillary was my first coach.

I knew my soul needed to be acknowledged and I needed support in finding my strengths.  After my first call with Hillary, I knew I made a life changing decision.  I needed to shift my perspective on many things in my life; emotionally and spiritually.  I also needed practical help in starting a yoga studio.  I received more than I ever would have imagined. She’s had my back the entire time. I felt like I had a personal and business consultant wrapped in one.  When our 12 weeks ended and I decided to continue for another 3 months.” – Jen Demaio

I so much appreciate how much Hillary listens as a coach.

During the time we have worked together I decided to end my marriage, have gotten involved in a beautiful, profound and deep new relationship, sold my home at asking price (in cash), went a beautiful 3 week vacation, have gotten more disciplined about incorporating physical activity into my days,am taking better care of myself, am getting clearer about  my particular calling and am feeling the strength and confidence to pursue this (in a big way). Hillary helped me in a profound way to trust myself and create a container into which all of this could quickly and easily be born.” – Clelia Peters

This work was on a much deeper and personal level.

Getting to the core of my stuckness and creating real lasting change on who I am as a woman. Not only does Hillary provide the tools, the meditations, but the direct support and the personalized work — is what it took for this type of work to really work for me — to change into the person I am becoming. Instead of waiting to launch something on my own, I’m into action with the resources I have available already at my job and it’s big – corporate big. Expanding myself and my reach is a good way to think of it — It feels so good to be in action and have that support behind me, I haven’t had that before and the momentum is building. I wouldn’t have gotten here so quickly without Hillary lighting the fire underneath me.” – Alyssa Summers

When I wake up in the morning I feel really good about myself.

I absolutely recommend working with Hillary. She brings you a level of comfort, confidence that I don’t think YOU can get anywhere else! I’ve worked with Hillary in her 12 week Paradigm Shifting Program and her 6-month The Art of Becoming You program. If I did not take the step to work with her I would still be beating myself up, second guessing everything I feel inside, stressed out, hating my co-workers, waffling with my intentions for my life and not know what steps to take to get out of it. Now, I don’ t let my work get me upset or stress me out. Now, I go in and not let any of it bother me. Now, I feel calmer and confident that the choices I’m making are the right choices.” – Beth