A Simple Solution to Discovering Your Purpose

I’ve been working on a project that I started
almost aphoto (7) year ago. You know how that one goes, right?

It’s scary.
Doubt sets in.
And distractions are even more attractive.

If we let this take the driver’s seat then the world may never benefit from our god given gifts and talents.

Our purpose gets lost in, “I’m not ready” or “how can I do that”.

These gifts have been given to us as our birthright + dharma + purpose.

What we decide to do with it is 100% up to us. FREEDOM. That means it’s our responsibility to rise up and take a stand for what we know deep inside is our calling – even it no one agrees with us.

Even if our parents think we are crazy.

My life is dedicated to helping women, (and some men), get motivated to break through patterns that hold them back. This is what I have been put on this planet for. I know my strengths. My weaknesses.

I choose to grow, even when it’s messy, and serve anyone who shows up in my world in one way or another. I’m always a work in progress, under construction and open for business.

What is your life dedicated to?
What are you on this planet for?
What would make you happy to do everyday?
What are you secretly dreaming for your perfect job?
Where did you beat the odds in your life + would want to help others do the same?

These are big questions and perhaps you will find your calling in the answers.

Or in the questions themselves.

I know when I asked these questions out loud, I got answers that scared the crap out of me.
I was not sure HOW I would do it. I did not know where to start.

And you don’t have to either.

The biggest thing is that you are asking deeper questions and open to new answers.

Answers that feed your soul.
Answers that light you up.
Answers that motivate you to take purpose-filled action.

Finding your unique place on this planet is a journey.

I know that word is overused so much and just had to use it to make this point. At one time what you chose to use your god-given gifts, it fulfilled you. It made you happy but may not of been your soul’s purpose.

OR you pushed it aside to make your parents happy.

Now you are not so into your work and may be looking for what’s next.

Now it’s going to get interesting.

If you are the one everyone comes to for advice, taken a path to grow personally, have tools you use or used to get where you are today then you will LOVE this new toolkit I created.

You may feel drained by your current gig…
You may want to change careers…
You may be a mom wanting to get back into the workforce…
You may be a yogi, acupuncturist, lawyer, chiropractor or healer…

Wanting to make a bigger impact in the world.

You may even be curious of what this whole coaching this is about.

Or not. You can use the questions above like a checklist to help you discover your purpose

Instead of going on and on here I actually created a video to assist you in the process.

Click here to watch this video and find out if coaching is the right business for you and your soul’s purpose. No strings attached.

Just check out this rocking Coaching Toolkit, and you will find out if you are sitting on a coaching gold mine. Find out what the right steps are to get started. Or if you need to get certified.

Pssst… This is what I’ve been birthing for almost a year + it might be EXACTLY what you have been looking for. It’s really exciting, scary and my dharma.

Thanks for showing up in my world, reading, watching, and commenting. This shows me that the universe is built on LOVE.

Your Angel of Fire,

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