Why you are already a great manifester…

IMG_0352Have you ever heard someone say I’m bad at manifesting? Or manifesting doesn’t work for me like it does or other people? Maybe you have been that someone and are still thinking this way.

Usually this happens because we have dreams, goals, desires that have not manifested yet (keyword here is YET), so we think we suck at manifesting, but the truth is you’re great at it.

Manifesting sometimes moves fast and many times it takes longer than we’d like to wait for it. We get impatient, jump to other shiny new things, and the cycle goes on and one.

Never forget this TRUTH…

You rock! Whatever you’re doing right now is what you’ve created. Click to tweet…

Don’t take my word for it. Take a step back and look at how powerful you are at manifesting. Look at everything in your life that you have, don’t have, and are experiencing right now.

Even if you hate it, guess what? You’ve created it. Instead of beating up on yourself, validate yourself because you rock.

The best part is most of it has happened with pretty much no effort. Can you see that for yourself – how easy some things manifest and some take time? Remember you are in a body, the body moves slower than spirit, ideas, and we all can’t stand it.

We all have to accept it and it’s up to us to enjoy the process. When we can enjoy it we are out of resistance to it and this is what helps make things move a bit faster.

Have you ever wanted to have something happen, like a relationship, but it didn’t and later you were thankful it didn’t happen? Me, too!

What I find is when I’m most stressed out and then think, I’m done with this, something usually happens fast. A few months ago I was feeling a little burned out and started thinking maybe I was done with my business. A day later my website had an issue.

It was instant manifesting. That feedback was like a shot in the arm. I laughed and looked at what was happening and reminded myself how powerful I was.

I’m glad it happened because it allowed me to get back to the core of why I do what I do and why I started to coach in the first place. When I said the words, “I’m done”, I was fully present in my body and felt my soul vibrating at a high frequency.

Manifesting becomes easier when our bodies and spirit are lined up…

I mentioned above the body moves slower than spirit. When you are able to have your spirit line up with your body it’s easier to manifest. When you are fully in your body and present with it, things become easier to manifest.

Have you ever gotten really exciting or angry and it was like you were a superhero at making things change?

I know for so many of us we tend to be everywhere but in our bodies. What works for you to get you into your body, be present, and connect to your soul – you as spirit? Check in and ask yourself what it is you need when you feel aligned, you’ll be amazed at what comes up. It may be as simple as rest, eating, or meditating.

The million dollar questions here are…

What is it you usually manifest easily?

I know you have something you manifest easily, we all do. For me it’s finding money on the ground. I know I’ll find it and it shows up everywhere.

What is it for you?

What takes no effort and it happens?
What do you know and can expect that happens for you?

It might be something you love or something you don’t. The point here is not if you like it or not, the point is to see how great you are as a manifestor and to acknowledge it.

This is a clue to show you how good you are at manifesting and how you can use the same energy that creates whatever that outcome is towards something new (without effort).

The secret here is what do you know you can have, and what do you think or have been telling yourself you cannot have. Can you see how you are creating this?

Tell yourself you’re doing a great job at whatever you find and turn it around for yourself so you can start knowing how great a manifestor you are.

Untitled design (9)Some things I have had on my manifesting list are…

Getting married (this one took a few years)
Having a baby in my 40’s (it took less than a year for me to get pregnant)
Becoming debt free (this was a dance, and when I gave it a date, it happened)
Writing for the Daily Worth (this happened in a few days from a simple tweet)
Having a live event in Los Angeles (this took less than a year to happen)
Having a weekend retreat for my clients in my home (this took less than a year to happen)

What’s on your “I’d love to manifest this” list?

Have you been secretly feeling like you’re bad at manifesting or wondering what you’re doing wrong? I hope not, now that you’ve read this post.

Can you see if you’ve made any progress or have had baby steps towards it? Perhaps you’ve been glossing over the progress you have made because you’re focused on what it’s supposed to look like instead of letting it be what it is.

I’d love to know what you’ve manifested that was easy! Share in a comment below or jump over to our private Facebook community, The Art of Coaching, and share with us there.

And if you don’t feel like you’ve manifested anything easily (yet), share what you would love to have manifest. I know our community will have some brilliant manifesting tips to help you make it happen. And don’t forget, you can always tag me in our Facebook group for some personal feedback and support – I’m here for YOU!

Remember, whatever is happening, you are creating it and you have the power to create something different.


Your Angel of Fire,







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