Are Your Daily Rituals Toxic?

Today’s babysitter blogger is the Strategic Samurai, aka Kymberlee Weil, strategic performance specialist, and an expert speaker in the Breakthrough to Coaching Experience.

Kymberlee is bringing a fresh look at daily rituals – the good and the bad – and she’s even put together a simple challenge to help you take action now in removing rituals that are no longer serving you…


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Rituals have evolved for thousands of years. The samurai of Japan were steeped in rituals, which kept them alive in many cases. Even the making of a samurai’s katana sword was encircled in ritual. Powerful enough to cut a body in half, yet precise enough to split a single human hair, these works of art form the stories of legend. A known ritual was that the samurai would never have his sword out of his sight. It was said only death could part him from it because the sword housed the samurai’s soul.

Modern day rituals…

Rituals governed the samurai way of life and many of those traditions have evolved to the present day. In modern Martial Arts, we bow each and every time before we step on and before we step off the mat as a display of respect. Rituals (or habits) such as these have become a part of daily routines for many of us.

Often, the rituals you create become so automatic you don’t even think twice about them. For example, when you get ready in the morning, chances are there are certain things you do in a particular order. Or in meeting someone new for the first time, you reach out to shake hands. And you may have a very particular way you tackle your ‘to do’ list at the beginning of each week.

I love many of my personal rituals. I start every day with a homemade green juice for breakfast. I make it a must to exercise most mornings before I check my email. Prior to any business meeting, I take the time to visualize what success looks like before I ever step in the room.

Rituals can bring focus to our lives. Click to tweet…

Rituals Gone Bad…

Not all rituals are beneficial. In fact, some may even be downright toxic.

Any activity that you do consistently in a very specific way may have brought value to your life at one time. However, that particular ritual may no longer serve you. Several months ago I noticed that I had developed a habit of eating lunch in front of my computer while catching up on social media. This was doubly bad. First, I was mindlessly consuming my salad rather than enjoying it. Second, it became easy to get pulled into social media and what should have been a thirty-minute lunch quickly became an hour and then ninety minutes and then two hours before I knew it. This lunchtime ritual killed my productivity and my creativity too.

One day I decided this ritual wasn’t serving me. I recognized it was interfering in achieving my objectives. Because reaching my goals was much more important to me, I put a new ritual in place instead: Each workday I set three objectives for what I would conquer that day. After I achieved those objectives I could play on social media for a set amount of time if I choose to do so. Replacing a ritual that was counterproductive with one that had a profound affect on my efficiency allowed me let go of my prior habit.

Inventory time…

What are your daily rituals? What do you do every day without exception? Do those actions provide value, or add toxicity to your life? I highly encourage you to evaluate your own rituals.

If you feel worse rather than better after one of your rituals, that is a clue. If you feel frustrated or tense after one of your daily habits, that is a sign as well. Think about the effect your daily rituals have on your mind and your body. Click to tweet…

Your challenge…

  1. Take an inventory of your daily habits and activities.
  2. Identify one ritual that doesn’t benefit you any longer.
  3. Decide to eliminate that unhelpful habit and replace the ritual with something inspiring instead.
  4. Determine what your new ritual will be.

The most important part of the challenge above is #5, TAKE ACTION NOW. Since you have invested the time to read this post, why not take time to make a simple change that might have a huge effect on your productivity.

Once you identify the one ritual you are going to change, share with us in the comments. We’d love to support you as you implement these simple steps to improve your days with rituals that serve you well.

Choose your rituals wisely and you will be one step closer to achieving excellence in all that you do. Click to tweet…


Here’s to your excellence,

Master Kymberlee


Meet Kymberlee…


Kymberlee is a lifelong athlete and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Bringing the dedication, perseverance and focus required to excel in sports into her business ventures has been a hallmark of her success.

Kymberlee received her MBA from Pepperdine University. She went on to co-found introNetworks, a computer software development and licensing company. She has produced multiple events including annual TEDx conferences. In her athletic pursuits, Kymberlee has recently earned her Fourth Dan Black Belt, the Master level in the Korean Martial Art, Hapkido. Using strategies learned in Martial Arts, Kymberlee’s newest venture is Strategic Samurai, a business focused on teaching breakthrough thinking. At Strategic Samurai, Kymberlee is a sought after speaker and speaker coach who has worked with over 100 speakers on all aspects of their presentations from content to performance. You can Connect with Kymberlee at her digital home here and on Facebook.

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