Episode #32: What Your Real Purpose is as a Coach

I keep reading, hearing and talking about this topic with my clients. They are new coaches, seasoned coaches and some haven’t started coaching yet. I’m going to give it to you straight, with LOVE, of course. Your REAL PURPOSE as a coach is not about who you help. It’s not your niche. It’s not your […]

Episode #31: How to Find Your Zone of Genius as a Coach

I know you scroll through Instagram and your Facebook feed looking at those who inspire you, who are living an “amazing” life, and have found their zone of genius. It’s because they found it that you are inspired by them. This is the GOOD part about social media. But then you wake up and look […]

Episode #30: Getting Paid to Coach: How Much to Charge for Your Services?

This episode is inspired by a question inside The Art of Coaching Facebook group. Q: Is $125 a fair rate for starting out? Do I make a firm time limit on it – 60 minutes? How many sessions do you require for someone starting out with you? Great question(s), right? Can you see the mindset […]

Episode #29: Marketing?!? What do I Focus on When Starting Out as a Coach?

Do I have a personal FB page? A fan page? Do I used LinkedIn? What social media platform do I use? Funnels? FB Ads? Do I create a freebie? Do I focus on having a website? Eeek! It’s enough to pull your hair out, especially when you’re looking at people who’ve been in the game […]