Episode #45 : A Chapter Closes… and it’s not about what’s next

OMG! It’s real… I’m sharing my heart today with a bit of sadness and a bit of relief. At first I was really scared to share because of my fear of what you’d think about me. As a coach, coach trainer I felt I wasn’t able to ever stop. I know it may sound odd […]

Episode #44: What You Must Have to Succeed as a Coach

There are soooo many things I can say you MUST have to succeed as a coach or in business. Today I’m talking about the #1 thing and a few more that will help you make it as a coach and as a business owner. It’s the thing that will make you stand out, not be […]

Episode #43 with Lin Eleoff: Let’s Get Legal – What You Must Have in Place When Starting Out as a Coach

I’m often asked by new coaches, “Do I need to get insurance? Do I need contracts in place before I work with clients? Would it be a good idea to have my content trademarked and what are the laws of having an online business? Do I need to become an LLC when starting out?” There […]

Episode #42 with Joanna Lindenbaum: How to create better results with your clients

When it comes to coaching what I see often are that many new coaches focus on the business more the art or craft of coaching. To me this is putting the cart before the horse and will only get you in trouble. Yes you deserve to get paid as a coach. …But do you deserve […]