Episode #41: The Future of the Coaching Industry

What the what? I know it’s a big, even huge, topic that I’m starting to talk about. I’ve been seeing a lot going on in the coaching space and have to share what I see. There are more coaches and coach trainings out there than ever before, which can be exciting or daunting. Coaching has […]

Episode #40: How PERFECTION Gets in Your Way + How to Spot it in Your Clients

Perfection, we all deal with it in one way or another. We can look back on our lives to see how it got in our way. We can also say we’re recovering perfectionists because we might be. What happens for us as women is perfection comes up all the time. This is not something to […]

45 Lessons I’ve Learned in Business and Life

Today’s my 45th birthday, and this is what 45 looks like on me. Even though I’m old enough to have a 20 yr old, by choice, I waited to get pregnant and have almost a 3yr old. Life’s about choices, which is what makes it even more interesting. Click to tweet… When I thought about […]

Episode #39 with Bri Seeley: Why You Must Know What You Believe in as a Coach (And How this Helps with Attracting Clients)

It’s no secret that the coaching industry is expanding and there are more coaches than ever before. Something I see a lot, is new coaches come into the industry and they tend to mimic the leaders they’ve been following. They play off the passion of those they admire, and sometimes even use the words of […]