Episode #36: How to Manage When Life Gets Demanding and it Takes More Time to Meet Your Goals

Most of us get thrown off when things don’t go our way. As coaches we may even feel more pressure to get things “perfect”. This is one of the big mistakes coaches make when starting out. It really has to stop. I had a great question in the private Facebook Group for my program, The […]

Episode #35: The Real Deal About Sales (and how to see it as a spiritual practice)

You’re a coach or are on your path to become one – how exciting is that? The thing is to have a business you must have sales (otherwise it’s just a hobby). I’m grateful because I’ve worked in sales my entire life and was able to make it part of my spiritual practice. See, something […]

Episode #34 with Veronica Grant: How to Handle Competition in Your Market

It’s no secret there’s plenty of competition out there in the coaching market. So much that it may even scare you to become a coach or keep coaching. Coaching has become more “normal” and mainstream, which is a GOOD THING. The game changes when you know your niche so you can get CURIOUS and look […]

Episode #33 with Megan Flatt: How to use Your Unique Strengths as a Business Building Strategy

We all put pressure on ourselves and get it from those around us. One reason this happens is because we think, or are told, that being well rounded is what we “should” be until we realize it actually adds more stress when it comes to our career. This basically gets us stuck in perfection and […]