Breaking the Rules: The Art of Business for Coaches 5-Part Blog Series

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.11.49 PMDo you get excited when you’re coaching or helping someone with their challenges or blind-spots but you cringe when it comes to having to get into the “business” of coaching?

I’m here to tell you this is N.O.R.M.A.L!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or disenchanted a by all the moving parts like having the perfect website, logo and tagline to get started to get clients or have a real “business”.

The truth is: YOU DON’T!

This is one of the many myths out there and why I’m going deep into the art of business as I see it so you can see what’s really needed to have a solid foundation to grow from.

I’m thrilled to be doing this 5-part blog series all about Breaking the Rules: The Art of Business for Coaches to help you see what’s really needed to happen, from my perspective, before spending money on a logo, website, tagline… before you really know who it is you are here to coach. These posts are here to give you a new view on business and real steps you can take to dig deep to find your way that is unique to you.

You crave direction to know who you serve and what you offer.

You want to get started and may be very new to coaching (or you’re pivoting in another direction as a coach). And while you usually give great advice in conversations, you may have never been good at talking with someone for an hour and getting them to a place where they feel they can make positive change.

You want to find clients and have a strategy to harness all of your ideas into a marketable brand that you feel reflects who you are and where you can express yourself fully.

You’re not into doing things traditionally and are wanting to break the rules to uncover your way that attracts your tribe. Amen to that!

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And I’m going to share with you some methods in the next coming weeks of how you can get to the core of all of this and more…

What I’ve learned after over 20 years of working for myself is this:  your business starts way, way, way, before having a website, a logo, or even a tagline. Right now you may be rolling your eyes and chomping at the bit to get started and I’m with you. The secret is most people put the cart before the horse and miss these steps.

You may feel like you’re in a rush to figure it all out now. That’s cool. And I’m suggesting to you to take a deep breath and give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the process of going deeper beyond the superficial layers of what you think you “should” do.

Before taking ANY steps in starting a business you must take time to know who you are. Click to tweet

Give yourself time to identify what you believe in and stand for – this is what helps you stand out as well as attract who you are meant to help. 

This is where the top brands and companies begin and figure it out. Surprise, you’re not different from them, as a coach because you also have a business. You are also helping people get rid of a pain or problem or make a change they are ready to make.

Being a rule breaker and why seeing business as art matters.

I was never really employable. I’d get a job and then not follow directions, did my own things and it would lead in my being let go of. For me following anyones system never worked especially when it came to being creative.  

I love the art of how things work. I love a great salesperson who upsells me to get the next obvious thing – that’s an art. I love digging deep into the core message of a business and see how this flows into all the moving parts seamlessly – that’s an art. I love being able to spot a company who get’s their customers inside and out with their messaging – that’s an art.

I love seeing under the hood of how things work in business, and have found most of the day to day can be pretty black or white and not much fun. To sum it up, not being able to fit in or do things traditionally is what motivated me to work for myself and I ended up through trial and error finding my own system as a coach and coach trainer.

Before we get to it let’s do some house cleaning.

To get the most out of this series and find your way please put aside the “I already know this” thoughts and let yourself explore, experiment and have some fun in the process of building a strong foundation for your coaching business.

Make sure to create a space that works for you and have your notepads, journals, markers paper or whatever you like to use to create your art. It’s going to be lots of fun.

One last note, because this is not a one size fits all system you get to use each week as it feels right for you. I do suggest to go through it all once then see how you can go from one to the other as things develop.

Now, Let’s dive into the overview so you know what’s coming…

The Break the Rules: The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series

Post #1: Define Your Philosophy

This is where we begin. Knowing who you are, what you believe in, why you believe in this and what you take a stand for is your foundation for your business. Why do you do what you do, how you feel, what you believe is infused into every aspect of what you do and is what will help you stand out too!

Doing this work, digging deep and identifying your core beliefs will open up a treasure chest of insight to build your business.

Remember, this will evolve as you evolve over time too!  

Post #2: Time to Get Down and Dirty for Some R&D (research and design)

This is my favorite part and you can go very deep. Most people skip this part and right before they get to their big idea there are steps along the way and they may miss it. This is where you get under, behind and inside and observe, ask questions, listen – be curious.

The more you hang out here and become the detective the easier it becomes. The secret in this stage is to follow the breadcrumbs. What you’re seeking is usually easy for you and hard for others.

You find out who it is you are here to help with what, what people are seeking, the value you provide, what makes you the right person and even ideas of what kind of services to offer. If you dig deep enough, listen for patterns and take good notes you’ll even get great copy and know how to attract your tribe.

Post #3: Falling in Love With Practice, Samplers & Beta Testing

This is where you get to see what works, what doesn’t and figure it out as you build it. This is also one of my favorite steps because you begin to get feedback from those you help and from yourself if what you are doing feels good for you.

You get to figure it out and not have to feel like an imposter. You get to testimonials and see where your genius is, you can let go of guessing what people want and give it to them. This can happen for 6 months so you can have plenty of time to go back to your R&D to see what it is you’re going to bring into the world.

Think about all the things you buy and how many of them you get to try on, sample or test before you invest, I’m guessing it’s most of what you spend most of your money on.

Post #4: Stand Out With the Story You’re Telling & Attract Your Ideal Clients

This is where you get to share a bit of yourself, your philosophy and what you stand for. To me this is part of the Art of Getting Your First Clients because you’re being you. Once you know your timeline, your story and how relatable you are as a coach then you will begin to see how it’s easier than you think to get your first clients.

We connect through stories, think in pictures of stories and relate as humans through storytelling. Knowing this means you will discover your brand and the foundation to your marketing, another way to tell your story and the story of your tribe. When you meet someone in person they ask you what you do because they want to hear a story. Did you know one of the most visited pages on a website is your about page?

What makes you stand out is your story, what you’ve overcome, experienced and how you live your life. When you share a bit of your life with people creatively you begin to attract your people organically.

Before we get to the next step, please take a moment to validate where you are right now and embrace all parts of yourself. These next weeks are going to be fun and offer you a way to step more powerfully into what it is you offer into the world as a coach.

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