HR-OFFER-BUTTONS-bbpageA powerful space for profound shifts in your business. Intuition + strategy = having a coaching business aligned with your heart + soul.

The Business Brilliance Deep Dive will help you to get out of your head and discover a new business model that supports your true soul desires, your boldest goals, and identify what you are uniquely designed to do as a coach.

It’s about putting patterns of business sabotage to rest and shining the light on who you are truly meant to be as a coach — your niche, your messaging, your mission, your marketing, your offerings, your packages, your tagline, your branding and a step-by-step big picture plan — along with an action plan for what you personally need to focus your time and energy on to create a sustainable coaching business.

We line up your core values as a coach, your strengths and superpowers, and pinpoint exactly how you stand out in the coach marketplace so you don’t waste time having to figure it out alone and can have a more fulfilling business – acceleration.

The Business Brilliance Deep Dive is a business offering that has been tested for two full years. Why did I spend so much time testing? Because I needed to know I was able to deliver measurable results to those who show up and are ready to do the work. I took my time to fine tuned this offering, and now I’m excited to bring it into the world, and to YOU!

How the Business Brilliance Deep Dive Works…

You have a choice of a half-day (3.5 hrs) or full-day (7 hrs) or Business Brilliance Deep Dive.

We will meet virtually via Skype to birth your brilliance into the world.

You can expect to walk away with:

  • Clarity on who you are here to help, and the results you’ll help them achieve
  • Language to help you effectively communicate what it is you offer and that speaks directly to the type of client you want to work with
  • Brand messaging that is unique to you and your business, and steps to get that out into the world
  • Your unique system, coaching packages, products, offerings, lexicon, content topics to write about and speak about that help you stand out
  • Detailed steps to build and grow your business that feels good for you

AND a renewed enthusiasm to dig into your work – this is especially helpful for those who have been coaching for a while and are seeking to pivot into a new direction that is better aligned with your heart + soul

The Business Brilliance Deep Dive begins with a powerful pre-work experience to help you open up to creating exactly what you are meant to be, do and have as a coach.

We’ll meet on Skype and dig deep with laser focus into your mission, message and the movement you are here to create through your work in the world. We will look at what is currently working in your business, what’s not working, and map out the big picture of your coaching business so you know exactly where to put your time, energy and money.

The Half Day Business Brilliance Virtual Deep Dive*


What you get:

  • Business Brilliance Deep Dive Pre-work Pack: includes Meditation and Assessment
  • 3.5 Hours to dive deep into your business (1-30 min integration break)
  • 1 30-Min Follow up session (to be scheduled 2 weeks after your Business Brilliance Deep Dive session)
  • 2-weeks of email support

The Full-Day Business Brilliance Virtual Deep Dive*


What you get:

  • Business Brilliance Deep Dive Pre-work Pack: includes Meditation and Assessment
  • 7 Hours to dive deep into your business (2 30-min integration breaks)
  • 2 30-Min bi-weekly follow up sessions (to be scheduled within 4 weeks of your Business Brilliance Deep Dive session)
  • 4-weeks email support

The Full + Half Day Business Brilliance Virtual Deep Dives also include:

  • An MP3 recordings of your session(s)
  • Feedback on what you are creating + working on as you begin to implement
  • Access to a private forum with personalized notes

*If you are in the LA area and prefer to meet in-person, we’re happy to offer that option and will discuss details during your Clarity Session.

If you are ready to start making some major shifts as a coach, let’s connect so you can see what’s possible when you tap into your business brilliance!

Your first step is to apply for your Complimentary Clarity Session.

We’ll get you started as soon as we agree it’s a beautiful match.


Meet some women like you who had great results…


I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I can see more clearly and have a better understanding of my truest and highest potential.

When I met Hillary I had a deep yearning to be able to express what it is that I love to do, but I didn’t know how. I wasn’t certain about how to message my brand, express what I love or what my plan was.

I felt like I was floating around, doing everything I was “supposed” to do, but not directing that energy into what I was “meant” to do and who I was meant to be. Hillary was like my midwife, helping me give birth to my business, my brand, what I do, who my target client was.

We sat down and got busy fast, we boogied right into what my messaging was, my tagline, my offerings, my programming, ALL OF IT… we even created a step-by-step big picture plan for the next year…creating a plan and direction with Hillary was like finding my soul mate: creative, fun, sensual and exciting, reviving a piece of me.

We raised the bar to a whole new level, a level that is uncomfortable but a level in which I have lots of room to grow and expand. Now I have big shoes to fill and am READY.

Hillary is the cross between a spiritual guide, an ass-kicker and a marketing genius, she blends those gifts, makes them hers but then in turn brings out the best in you too. Yes, there is still much work to be done, but the gift of possibility is priceless. Thank you Hillary for being such a beacon, your generosity, clarity and determination has helped open my eyes to all that I am and then some!”
– Molly Suggs

Hillary challenged me to get out of my head and launch a new beta program which was a huge success.

I decided to work with Hillary because I knew I needed a push and a different perspective on my business. The beta program filled quickly bringing in 12 new clients plus a new 1:1 client, and turned into a sustainable, repeatable offering for my business!”
– Amanda Cook

In short? Hillary changed my business in 3 hours.

For the first time, I have a wall covered in post it notes of my ideas (and more are coming all the time!), my business feels easy, and best of all, I’m having so much fun!

Hillary talks a lot about following the breadcrumbs. And so I was doing exactly that, or at least I thought I was. Women told me they didn’t know how to eat, had low energy, and wanted to feel better. I was following those breadcrumbs, but something was off. My content creation felt stifled, I didn’t want my business to be about meal plans, and I had suspicion that this wasn’t what was really bugging them.

During my Business Brilliance Deep Dive with Hillary, she helped me discover the bread crumbs that I wasn’t seeing. The women that were coming to me, yes were suffering because of their weight, food, and body image. But they were really suffering because their bodies were holding them back from dating or feeling good in the relationships they were in. And she helped me realize when I look back at my own story of weight and body image, it’s intricately intertwined with my dating life.

Hillary helped me see what I couldn’t see (even though it was right in front of me). And now that I see, I see it everywhere. I know 100% I’m on the right path. In fact, right after our session, my friend called me to get dinner that night because she….wanted my advice on a guy she’s considering dating!”
– Veronica Grant