The top 5 things I invested in for my coaching business that were worth every penny

I know how challenging it can be when you’re starting out to know where to spend money in your business, especially when it may not be coming in like you’d like it to be. I see people throwing money at things all the time that don’t give a good ROI (return on investment). It can […]

How to choose your path as a coach, be inspired, and take ACTION!

Having to decide on a career path is easier for some than others. Some people know when they are young what they are here to do and that’s it. But many of us go from idea to idea, and we may jump around so much that it looks like we’re not stable. For me, I […]

How much to charge as a coach when you’re first starting out

In last week’s post, How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!), I promised to tackle the next hot topic: pricing. If you missed the previous post, check it out now! You know that moment before you take the plunge to invest in yourself, with your finger hovering […]

How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!)

The big question out there these days is “How can I get clients?” Clients. Clients. Clients. I see this question being asked all the time –  new coaches, seasoned coaches, and people who are interested in becoming a coach. I also see many programs out there to help you get clients. The thing I find […]