It’s time to step into your power as a coach and claim your superpower!

It took me most of my life to discover my power as a woman. My power used to be dictated by what work I did and the title I had. I’ve had so many different jobs and careers that eventually led me to stop trying to find myself and start creating myself. In some ways […]

How to Overcome Your Own Limiting Beliefs to Help Others

Doubt is painful. Doubt is more than painful, it’s paralyzing. Not believing in yourself when it comes to your purpose or calling sucks. Especially when you know in your cells you’re here to do more. And that more is an ache in every part of your being saying you’re here to help others on their […]

What I love and don’t love about coaching (and having a coaching business)

About a year ago I was asking myself the million dollar question, “WHY am I doing this?” It was time to have a check in with my heart and soul about coaching, being a coach trainer and having an online business. I’m all about calling oneself out and being honest. Radically honest. What I live […]

5 Ways to Know if Now is the Right Time to Hire a Coach or Mentor (and what to look for to make sure it’s a match)

I’ve been stepping into my NEW VIBRATION that I’ve set for 2016 and it feels amazing. Fresh, easy and fun. There’s been so much growth happening for me and for Odin. Every day feels like an adventure and I’m so ready to birth a new me in 2016. (More about that in the weeks and […]