A Simple Solution to Discovering Your Purpose

I’ve been working on a project that I started almost a year ago. You know how that one goes, right? It’s scary. Doubt sets in. And distractions are even more attractive. If we let this take the driver’s seat then the world may never benefit from our god given gifts and talents. Our purpose gets […]

What Does Your Deeper Self Desire That You Are Denying?

For years my bones have been aching to create gatherings for women to be safe, supportive and in partnership. I had no idea how or what it would look like. Then a few months ago, I was asked to speak in Los Angeles for a women’s group called Tribal Truth.   I’m not one to […]

What I Did To Champion Over A Toxic Past

Have you ever felt like you possess the key to your own freedom? Well the good news is: YOU DO. It’s far too easy to give up and not become involved with your own life. Well, no more! The name of the game here is finding out what is going on in your mind. Byron Katie says, “Beliefs are thoughts that you’ve been attaching to for years.” If that’s true, then we can change our thoughts and create new beliefs. We can free ourselves from our self-imposed prison.

What thoughts or beliefs do you have in place that are keeping you from being a champion in your life?

Why Giving Up Is Not An Option + 7 Steps To Take the Pressure Off

Ever want to give up or throw in the towel on a dream or goal? Then read this post to get inspired and don’t give up before you get the exact thing you want for your health, relationships, career, well-being or life. This past week I hit a benchmark that busted my heart open with […]