Birthday Themes, My 43/43 Birthday Extravaganza + The Winners Are…

Do you ever have a theme for your birthday? I love having a theme for my birthday because I find it helps me to ground more deeply in my truth and set a bigger intention for my soul’s evolution. This year’s theme emerged organically without any effort, it’s my year of FIRSTS. It’s the first […]

How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Are there moments when you don’t trust yourself?  Are there moments when your mind is doing what I call kookalooki thinking… talking you in and out of things, creating overwhelm and second guessing yourself? I totally get it! I work with my clients on this all the time. Every time my response is: Be your […]

How to Build Confidence Around People Who Put You Down

Have you ever had a great idea and then you shared it with your best friend, your dad, your neighbor, even your partner and everyone said the same thing, “Oh that won’t work. Oh you couldn’t actually make a living doing that. I don’t think you have it in you. There’s too much competition in […]

Falling in Love With Practice, Samplers & Beta Testing (Part 4 of 5 The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series)

Do you have a bunch of ideas about what you can offer in your coaching practice, but at times feel scared to put yourself out there, because you’re not sure if it will actually work? I get it, this is normal. Basically, you’re not sure how to do it, and this is what keeps you […]