Birthday Themes, My 43/43 Birthday Extravaganza + The Winners Are…

Do you ever have a theme for your birthday? I love having a theme for my birthday because I find it helps me to ground more deeply in my truth and set a bigger intention for my soul’s evolution. This year’s theme emerged organically without any effort, it’s my year of FIRSTS. It’s the first […]

Build Your Foundation as a Coach: Define Your Philosophy (Part 2 of 5 The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series)

Have you ever noticed how quotes are used in books, social media, speeches, websites, movies and almost everywhere?!? Think about it, do you have quotes on your desk, do you share quotes on social media, do you feel like your day was made when someone captures what you feel in words? When you take a […]

Why Birthday’s Rock, My 42/42 Birthday Extravaganza + The Winners Are…

Do you feel the same way about birthdays? I’ve always been into birthdays because they are the start of my new year. It’s the time I get to give thanks, reflect, and celebrate the miracle of life – and give to others. This year has been one of epic growth, self-acceptance, and a settling into ease with being myself. […]

Why Good Sh*t Takes Time + How to Let Your Process Unfold With Ease (And Enter to WIN!)

Let’s get real. Have you ever felt like something you were creating was never going to get done? It became more to do, maybe you even wanted it to go away. Or maybe you felt overwhelmed with what to do next and felt guilty putting it aside because you needed to feel accomplished. On one […]