Do Your Finances Need a Little Loving? (Ahem, this will help… )

All of us have our own relationship with money and many of them don’t have happy endings. Maybe we feel good about money in some ways and in others we feel ashamed even to admit. I don’t know about you but I was never taught about money other than we had it and then we […]

Get Back to Prosperity Without Shame : My Money Strategy

Curious about exactly how I made peace with debt? What I did to go from stressing about paying my bills to having a healthy relationship with money? Or how I went from feeling like there was never enough to getting paid for doing what I love and not feeling bad about being able afford the […]

Why Giving Up Is Not An Option + 7 Steps To Take the Pressure Off

Ever want to give up or throw in the towel on a dream or goal? Then read this post to get inspired and don’t give up before you get the exact thing you want for your health, relationships, career, well-being or life. This past week I hit a benchmark that busted my heart open with […]

The Three Keys To Leveraging Your Wellness Plan To Rock Your Money Mojo

[Super excited to share with you a guest post by my friend + LWMP expert – Lora Sasiela, LCSW a Financial Therapist + money coach who has worked with Marie Claire Magazine. Enjoy! xo, Hillary ] Dealing with health issues can bring havoc on one’s financial life and unfortunately health crises are the #1 cause […]