45 Lessons I’ve Learned in Business and Life

Today’s my 45th birthday, and this is what 45 looks like on me. Even though I’m old enough to have a 20 yr old, by choice, I waited to get pregnant and have almost a 3yr old. Life’s about choices, which is what makes it even more interesting. Click to tweet… When I thought about […]

Getting Over Perfection & Why You Already Have It All

Happy New Year! This year, like every other, we all seek to do our best everyday no matter what we are doing or creating in our lives. No one woke up today saying, “I’m going to do my worst today”, or “I’m going to make this my worst year ever”, right?!? But, what if we […]

How to choose your path as a coach, be inspired, and take ACTION!

Having to decide on a career path is easier for some than others. Some people know when they are young what they are here to do and that’s it. But many of us go from idea to idea, and we may jump around so much that it looks like we’re not stable. For me, I […]

It’s time to step into your power as a coach and claim your superpower!

It took me most of my life to discover my power as a woman. My power used to be dictated by what work I did and the title I had. I’ve had so many different jobs and careers that eventually led me to stop trying to find myself and start creating myself. In some ways […]