3 life and business lessons I learned when 5 planets went retrograde

Allow life’s challenges to be an opportunity for a miracle to happen. Click to tweet… I prefer to live in present time. Right now I’m going to give myself permission to go back a few weeks in time to share some lessons I’ve learned or relearned… It was the Monday before I was leaving the […]

How to Create a Remarkable Life… (And My BIG Reveal)

Have you ever wanted what someone else had, so much so that you became so obsessed with making it happen in your own life that it exhausted all your energy? Me too! Maybe it was for a material thing like a car, a pair of shoes, or a vacation home. Maybe it was for a […]

Are You Drama Bonding But Don’t Even Realize It? (This will help…)

I’ve been noticing something pretty interesting lately in my own conversations, and those I overhear when I’m out and about. Yes, I’m guilty of being a bit of an eavesdropper… Because, as a coach,  I’m so curious about how we function as human beings and I’m often surprised at what I hear out in the world. Most […]

How to Create More Of What You Want By Asking Better Questions

What if we have this whole question thing wrong? We all consciously and unconsciously ask thousands, maybe even millions, of questions a day and have no idea the effect it has. Imagine you’re having a challenging day, what questions do you ask when this is happening? Maybe it goes something like this… When will this end? Why is nothing working for […]