Why you are already a great manifester…

Have you ever heard someone say I’m bad at manifesting? Or manifesting doesn’t work for me like it does or other people? Maybe you have been that someone and are still thinking this way. Usually this happens because we have dreams, goals, desires that have not manifested yet (keyword here is YET), so we think […]

It’s time to step into your power as a coach and claim your superpower!

It took me most of my life to discover my power as a woman. My power used to be dictated by what work I did and the title I had. I’ve had so many different jobs and careers that eventually led me to stop trying to find myself and start creating myself. In some ways […]

What I love and don’t love about coaching (and having a coaching business)

About a year ago I was asking myself the million dollar question, “WHY am I doing this?” It was time to have a check in with my heart and soul about coaching, being a coach trainer and having an online business. I’m all about calling oneself out and being honest. Radically honest. What I live […]

10 Soulful Steps to Stay On Your Path (& Get Back On if You Went Off)

As a coach, business owner, new mama and wife (amongst other things), I too have moments of feeling off my path. There are moments I even question what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, to help me stay on my path. This is normal. So if you’ve been feeling a bit off your path, […]