How to not give up on yourself and keep moving towards your goals, dreams and vision

I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. I give up. These were the words that, to my surprise, came out of my mouth towards the end of 2015 while I was nursing my son.   I was stressed out, feeling disconnected from my work (art), and felt like a failure. I’ll admit I did not […]

5 Ways to Know if Now is the Right Time to Hire a Coach or Mentor (and what to look for to make sure it’s a match)

I’ve been stepping into my NEW VIBRATION that I’ve set for 2016 and it feels amazing. Fresh, easy and fun. There’s been so much growth happening for me and for Odin. Every day feels like an adventure and I’m so ready to birth a new me in 2016. (More about that in the weeks and […]

What To Do When Your Buttons Are Pushed

We all have our moments of reacting to something that we don’t like. It bothers us on some level and we get upset and totally lose it. We are all human. Let’s be honest, it’s not pretty when this happens. It’s not exactly the picture you’d post on Instagram or Facebook, right?   No need […]

5 Myths Debunked About Starting Your Own Business

I’m excited and a bit nervous for today’s post. A few weeks ago I received an invitation from my friend, Racheal Cook, to participate in her amazing event – ♥ Your Community Blog Tour. I had been feeling a pull for a while to write more about the outer game of business, something I don’t  normally do, […]