Transforming Your Money Mindset for An Abundant 2017

Are you feeling the shift in energy now that we’re 15 days into 2017? I know I have and it’s been a little bumpy, but starting to feel better. Everything is energy and being aware of this makes life way easier. When I was planning for 2017 I uncovered my theme for the year which […]

How much to charge as a coach when you’re first starting out

In last week’s post, How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!), I promised to tackle the next hot topic: pricing. If you missed the previous post, check it out now! You know that moment before you take the plunge to invest in yourself, with your finger hovering […]

Breaking the Rules: The Art of Business for Coaches 5-Part Blog Series

Do you get excited when you’re coaching or helping someone with their challenges or blind-spots but you cringe when it comes to having to get into the “business” of coaching? I’m here to tell you this is N.O.R.M.A.L! It’s easy to get overwhelmed or disenchanted a by all the moving parts like having the perfect […]

Get Back to Prosperity Without Shame : My Money Strategy

Curious about exactly how I made peace with debt? What I did to go from stressing about paying my bills to having a healthy relationship with money? Or how I went from feeling like there was never enough to getting paid for doing what I love and not feeling bad about being able afford the […]