What Does Breakthrough Mean to You? 7 Inspirational Breakthrough Quotes

Have you ever wanted things to change, then you start having experiences in your life that seem like everything is falling apart and you start asking what the heck or WTF is going on? Your soul listens and starts to move you forward to face, release, or breakthrough what was there? Then the universe conspires to help you move through beliefs […]

Career Breakthrough Case Study with Kristin Misik

Ever feel like it’s taking too much time to make the kind of shifts you want in your life? OR maybe you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time to make it happen and are seeking another way to get to the goal you have your heart set on? Basically, you wanted it yesterday. So much so that you can […]

Why We Need To Unlearn What We Know In Order To Be Free

I just had a conversation with a fellow coach and we both agreed this was one of the scariest and biggest steps we took to free ourselves. What I’ve been seeing lately with coaches, business owners and clients, is they are excited about what they are up to but are not 100% behind themselves. There is a distrust. A waiting for the other […]