How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Are there moments when you don’t trust yourself?  Are there moments when your mind is doing what I call kookalooki thinking… talking you in and out of things, creating overwhelm and second guessing yourself? I totally get it! I work with my clients on this all the time. Every time my response is: Be your […]

How to Overcome Settling In Your Life

I want to know… where are you settling in your life? Are you DONE with settling? Are you done with just taking what ever comes your way? I don’t like to settle, but I know that I’ve done it because it was easy, and convenient, and in some ways… uncomfortably comfortable. But the truth is, […]

Struggling? Feeling like life’s too challenging? This will help…

I’m curious. Are you dealing with any struggles or challenges in your life right now that you aren’t quite sure how you are going to make it through? I can relate. I totally feel for you. I gave birth to my first baby at age 42, last October. Already, my sweet Odin has taught me […]

How to Make Peace with Overwhelm, Doubt & Get Shit Done

We all lead busy lives, wanting our visions to become reality. Then we take the first step toward our goals and… OVERWHELM shows up. It’s painful to run out of dream-building time because our personal and professional lives are too busy. That’s usually when our inner control freaks awaken feeling disturbed, and our energy drains […]