How To Make Sensitivity a Super Power, Go from Disease to Ease In Minutes.

[Super excited to share with you a guest post by my friend + LWMP expert – Ane Axford MS, LMFT  licensed mental health and relationship therapist who specializes in working with highly sensitive persons who have been diagnosed with all types of diseases. Enjoy! xo, Hillary ] Disease is difficult. It doesn’t feel easy, fun, […]

Could you use a secret anxiety busting tip? Try this now…

[Enjoy this guest blog post from Dana Schwartz, L.Ac., who is one of the experts in my Living Wellness Mastery Program. xo,  Hillary] Are you running around feeling ANXIOUS, and feel like you have a never ending list of to do’s chasing you? I used to feel this way all the time.  I was working […]

Get Rid of Your Painful Expectations

Hey Guys, I was on my way back from San Diego and totally had my own transformation this weekend. I was holding onto a story of how a friend did not keep to their expectation to be the better person. It was hurting me and the shadow showed me how I was treating myself the […]