Why these 5 women inspire me as a coach (AND will inspire you too!)

When I was working with a coach a couple of years ago, I got really clear that I wasn’t jealous of other coaches, but I was kind of envious. I wanted what they had. The coach I was working with at the time reminded me, “If you don’t want them to have it, then that […]

Welcome Delays Because Everything Unfolds Perfectly

Today I want to get some discussion going about what happens when you want life to move faster than it does. Have you ever felt like projects, plans or people are not satisfying your need for speed? If so, then today’s post is written just for you. I know, it can be super frustrating. When […]

Lost Hope? Not Sure If You Can Do It Again?

Have you been knocked off your seat one time too many and not sure how you are going to get up again? or where to start? I know the dark thoughts that comes with feeling defeated. It’s painful to even think about how you even got here, right? Wipe those healing tears sister, take a […]

How to Find Balance and Turn Your Life Around

I’m so happy to be home from my July travels  so I can finally paint my office space. My ‘Summer of Expansion’ has expanded me and threw me a bit out of balance. Errr! I learned a ton, packed it in, walked on fire, had breakthroughs, cried rivers. Now it’s time for digestion and integration. […]