3 steps to end the year feeling more confident

Right now you may be feeling excited or even anxious that the year is ending. As much as I love ending the year, I’m feeling a bit of both, too! What starts to make things harder is when everything you didn’t do starts to take over your headspace. You might be writing out your goals, […]

How much to charge as a coach when you’re first starting out

In last week’s post, How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!), I promised to tackle the next hot topic: pricing. If you missed the previous post, check it out now! You know that moment before you take the plunge to invest in yourself, with your finger hovering […]

“Goodbye, 2015” and “Hello, 2016”: How to close your year and feel complete

As the year comes to a close have you checked in to see if your intention for the year has helped you to BE, DO and HAVE what you desire? Have you looked at your vision board to see what what may or may not have happened yet? Reading this you may be reminded of […]

Build Your Foundation as a Coach: Define Your Philosophy (Part 2 of 5 The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series)

Have you ever noticed how quotes are used in books, social media, speeches, websites, movies and almost everywhere?!? Think about it, do you have quotes on your desk, do you share quotes on social media, do you feel like your day was made when someone captures what you feel in words? When you take a […]