Breaking the Rules: The Art of Business for Coaches 5-Part Blog Series

Do you get excited when you’re coaching or helping someone with their challenges or blind-spots but you cringe when it comes to having to get into the “business” of coaching? I’m here to tell you this is N.O.R.M.A.L! It’s easy to get overwhelmed or disenchanted a by all the moving parts like having the perfect […]

5 Secret Strategies to End Self-Doubt

Last week I met a new friend.  She’s 7 years old and has a new terrier mix puppy named Coco. Coco is fearless and so is this young girl. I was amazed to watch how this girl took 100% responsibility for her dog. Most 7yr olds let their parents do the work and this girl was in charge even when […]

Why Birthday Rituals Rock + Pay-What-You-Want for Living Wellness Kickstart for 39 hours ONLY!

Birthday rituals still rock but Pay-What-You-Want for Living Wellness Kickstart b-day launch party has ended. Don’t beat yourself up for missing it because you get a chance to experience the first step of my Living Wellness Kickstart for FREE. See my picture over to the right? The one where I’m smiling at you?  Put your […]

The #1 Ingredient Needed To Build Your Self Confidence

A few weeks back my husband asked me which movie I wanted to watch. It was either The Fighter or The King’s Speech. He said, “one is a story of the underdog and the other is a triumph of the spirit.” Both appeared to be compelling stories that seemed totally different to me at first. […]