Honor Your Rhythms + Stop Obsessing Over Being Productive

Be honest, when you get stuff done you just feel good. Right? Don’t hold back here. I know the feeling of accomplishment. It’s grounding and solid, like you just ate the best meal of your life. It’s a high that feels like you’re on the top of the world. It’s invigorating. But instead of enjoying […]

How to Create A Self-Care Plan That Works For You

This past week I was interviewed for an upcoming tele-summit and was asked what my self-care rituals were. I paused. Then felt pressured to get it “right”. See, I’ve radically changed my views on self-care. Yup, you read that right. I’ve changed it up a bit and had to let you know. Now you too can take […]

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting Any Alternative Healing Modality

If you’re anything like me on this wild path of self healing, this post is perfect for you. I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years on my path of healing. I’m happy to say that today I live symptom-medication free of a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is one of 80 types of […]

5 Reasons Why Regrets Suck + What You Can Do

We are all guilty of having at least one regret in our lives if not many. It sounds a bit like, I should of taken that job, I shouldn’t of ended that relationship, I should of moved to that city, and all ends up with I should of trusted myself. As a kid I heard […]