Change is Here! My New Site + Goodies for YOU!

Deep breath…

It’s been a long time coming and finally I’m giving birth to my new website. WOW!
Look around, hang out + take in all the love here waiting just for you.

I poured my heart + soul for months to make this an even more valuable resource for you to get the tips, support + love when you need it most.

Check out this video I created just for you:

WOW! You have to check this out @hillaryrubin is giving away all you need to create lasting change in 2013. click to tweet…

Working On a New Project This Year?

If you’re working on a project that has been taking way longer than you expected I’ve got you covered check out this post for steps you can take to ease the frustration.

What always get’s me through anything I’m creating or going through that stretches me is when I use permission statements.

This Week’s Permission Statement:


Try it out, see the magic that begins to happen. (I can’t wait to hear…)

Heartfelt thanks, bows and love are due to these amazing souls…

Like anything in life we never ever do it alone. As a coach, teacher, writer and soul I know the value of support.  And with that said I had amazing support along the way. I was always supported.

Racheal Cook – thank you for your patience, creative visioning and love to bring my site to an entirely new level with your mad design skills. (And for working through your pregnancy.)

Caroline White – thank you for showing me I’m not old at 40 and for taking the most amazing pictures and care of me. (And for introducing me to French Cafe Radio.)

Mary Freitag – thank you for enhancing my face + hair with your talented artistry. (And for challenging me to trust you to curl my curls. 🙂

Indigo Townsend – thank you for your gifts of copy writing + editing and desire to serve from the highest. (And for going the extra mile.)

Francesca Alexander – thank you for calling me on my sh*t trying to use crappy pictures to just get by. (And for letting me know 40 is my hottest year yet.)

Anne Samoilov – thank you for your encouragement never ending support, and mad launch ninja skills. (And for your willingness to be goofy with me.)

Theresa Reed – thank you for guiding me to pause and bring her to life in the new year with your tarot wisdom. (And for loving my Boston Terrier so much.)

Marie Forleo – thank you for being an amazing mentor, for showing me what it takes to create a biz online to change the world + for creating B-School to make it happen. (And for the badass community of B-School Babes.)
Derek Halpern – thank you for being the one dude here behind the scenes of what to put where to give the best value to my peeps. (And for being so generous.)

Danielle Laporte – thank you for your creative fire, and opening my eyes to see my website like magazine. (And for reminding me Desire is the clear way to the soul.)

Now You Sweet Soul…

TELL ME the #1 thing you are working on this year in the comments below we’re here to support you to make that happen.  (and let me know what you think about my new digs if you want too!)

Claim it sweet soul + let it be known.

Oh, and before I forget tell all your friends about this hub for creating lasting change to live a more fulfilling life.

Soulfully yours,

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  1. This is the year of hustle! I’ve put my dreams off too long and am going balls to the wall (or, ovaries to the wall, if you will ;)) and building my confidence, my list, my presence, my programs, and most of helping women create lives of radical freedom.

    Let’s do this thing 🙂

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      YAY LEAH! Year of the hustle for you is great! Keep using this permission statement to keep you on track. This year is about synthesis for me. We are doing this and making history happen every day. xo

  2. I love the new website Hillary…beautiful!

    I have been undergoing massive change in the past two months and I have you to thank. You have been a leader, a source of inspiration and an angel of fire under me. Thank you for helping me move forward in becoming a Life Coach. The world is cracking open for me and it fills me with an endless source of love, positivity, and gratitude!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      OMG! Kristin you are such a for for love. I am honored and thankful for the gift to be there with you. xxoo Hillary

  3. Watching you mold and shape the new digs has been a joy. I know that it’s going to make sure you reach and help the women who want to live bigger, more fulfilled lives!

    Hot team you had working behind the scenes – thanks for letting me be part of it!


  4. Hillary Rubin says:

    xoxoxo Anne!

  5. I love your site. I didn’t see the old one but just adore this. It feels fresh & authentic. I’m working on my new career change this year which is centered around teaching and developing others to reach their full potential. My goal is about feeling powerful. It’s so strange to have discovered this. I’ve been reading Danielle laPorte’s Firestarter Sessions and completed an exercise that was quite enlightening on goal setting. This is when I found out what I was really seeking. So, everything will inevitably be geared around this. Happy New Year & may this one be filled with success 🙂

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Jane! So happy you have found the big shift you want to make this year. I know how it may feel strange because it’s new, stick with it. Keep on with DLP’s Firestarter sessions because they are powerful. All the best to you this year + beyond. Love

  6. Beautiful new site, Hillary! Congrats. This year, I’m putting my efforts into building Nomadtopia into the best resource around for those who want to become location independent and live their ideal life, anywhere in the world. Off to a good start already!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Amy! I love your focus for this year it’s so needed especially since it’s growing. Wishing you all the best with this and can’t wait to see what unfolds for you.Love

  7. I have to agree with Leah. This is a year I want to think more explosively, go for it. Get bigger with my visions, and get bigger with my energy behind them.

    To respond to your video, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Sharing more of the tasks involved in running a business…

    I love that you end things with “and so it is.”

  8. Awesome Marcy, Leah is spot on! Tell me more what tasks? Yes and “so it is” just sets it in motion. xo Hillary

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