How to choose your path as a coach, be inspired, and take ACTION!

starthrblog42716Having to decide on a career path is easier for some than others.

Some people know when they are young what they are here to do and that’s it. But many of us go from idea to idea, and we may jump around so much that it looks like we’re not stable.

For me, I like to see my work, or my career, as art and experience as much as possible to find what it is I’m good at and love to do. Everything I’ve done, from being in the fashion world to teaching yoga to coaching and all the other things I did in between, has allowed me to be a good coach.

What has helped me the most through the process was to be open and know myself. Be able to call myself out on my stuff and ask deeper questions.

I gave up fortune telling for personality assessments…

I used to want someone else to tell me what I needed to do with me life, then realized it had to come from myself. So after years of “finding myself” I dipped into a handful of personality assessments like the StrengthsFinder, Human Design, and The Enneagram.

Each one helped me to understand more about myself, and also showed me what I bring to the table as a coach.

As a coach, and coach trainer, what helped me the most in finding what I do best (as a coach) was looking at what people came to me for. Instead of writing out a fictitious person that was my “ideal” client, I looked around to see what those who came to me for help with had in common.

This totally changed the course of my work in the world and I found my calling as a coach for coaches.

One way that I find helps to choose your path, no matter where you are on your coaching journey, is to be and stay curious.

If I had to sum this part of my journey up into one word it would be, CURIOSITY.

Starting anything new brings up all of our stuff…  

Especially after having a career, doing well and knowing what to expect on a day to day basis when we have a J.O.B. Even if we’re unhappy we have a certain level of comfort. Not a good thing, really.  

Uncertainty scares us, but if we decide to turn it around, we can enjoy not knowing what is going to come next. Click to tweet…

I know this was true for me and after talking with other women on the path to be more aligned with their heart and soul, I discovered this was not unique to me.

Validation is helpful when you’re going to shake things up a bit and pivot or change your direction because it has to happen. Knowing what doesn’t work and feeling into what does is not for the faint of heart.

It asks you to be afraid, not know exactly what you’re doing, and go for it anyway because there is something that is deep inside your soul telling you to go for it. I’ve had this happen so many times, some of them I waited on for a few years and then took action.

There’s no right or wrong way, because holding out may be what needs to happen. Or taking that big scary leap may be. Or something in between.

I promised myself I’d listen to those insights and go for it because I get one life and I won’t know unless I go for it.

If I was to sum this part up into one word it would be, COURAGE.

Sticking to any path, especially a career path can be challenging…  

I’ve found is this all depends on who you are as a person. Hello personality assessments! For me as a 7 in the Enneagram, sticking to one thing is not where I do well.

I was good for about 10 years, then would get the itch to do something new. When I found coaching something shifted for me. I was still teaching yoga and did that for a few years for many reasons.

I loved it, I was good at it, and it helped me to work with my clients in a new way. It brought in new things to do so I could stick with yoga. And when it was time to let it go, I did.

I was coaching for a few years and the itch came again, but not from me. It came from those who were asking me how I became a coach or if I’d teach them to coach like I did. So coaching got my attention. I still have many business ideas, and always come back to why I chose this path.

This is something I love and am good at so I keep staying curious about what people seek from me, what I do well, and what I love to do. It is ever evolving.

What keeps me on this path is when my clients get amazing results because it reminds me why I desired to be a coach in the first place – to help people see how incredible they are.

This is my key to staying inspired and claiming my work in the world.

To sum up this part of my journey in one word, it is COMMITMENT.

As spirit in a human body we have the opportunity make something out of nothing…

Oh how I love to come up with ideas. I love hiking in nature being with myself and then a flash of insight comes. I love talking with my business BFF’s or team about what I have going on, and then an idea comes up I never had before.

There is no shortage of ideas. The thing is to find if what you create fits someone’s needs. I remember sitting down with a friend who was a coach and she coached me to create my offerings.

It was clear to me I was going to create an experience that I’d love to have, and I did. From there it’s grown, shifted, and morphed. I have piles of post-its with ideas for all sorts of things to offer and create.

Over the years I’ve learned to keep these and not have to jump on all of them. Being able to be curious and talk with people to get feedback helps to keep this part alive and keeping my work as a coach evolving. I love creating a personalized program for a client, giving them practices and assignments that are only for them.

Oh, the life of having your own business. I LOVE IT and hopefully you do, too. Coaching gives me so much space to create, serve and design the best possible experience I can give as a coach. I LOVE this part of being a coach.

This is my favorite part of being inspired and taking action.

This part of being a coach if I was to sum it up with one word it would be, CREATIVITY.

Not knowing if an idea will work is part of the process of doing things you’ve never done before…

After playing around with all those ideas, being creative, wild and designing free products, and paid products, there comes a moment you have to go for it. Yikes!

It can be scary to put yourself out there. Even scarier to ask to get paid. Click to tweet…

What I found is practice helps to get clear, work things out, and see what needs to be shifted around. It also shows if what you create is going to work for you. It’s the test to see if any of those ideas will work.

One of my strengths is activator in the StrengthsFinder assessment, which is good, and can bring on some challenges in a different way. I have the tendency to take action, skip steps (this has been an area of growth), and move really fast.

I put it out there and then wait to see if it works. For some this is too scary. For me, it’s how I’ve always been. It’s part of how I survived a rough upbringing and was able to do all that I’ve done. It may seem like I’m fearless or have courage.

I started out in life having to survive. This is something I’ve had to heal so I could see I’m safe and that I can slow down to enjoy the process and become better at what I do as a coach. When I had the idea to coach coaches I was scared, really scared.

When I decided to shift my niche to training coaches, all I was thinking was, “Who am I do to this?” I did not finish college, I dealt with dyslexia, I am not sure what I’m doing. Then I reminded myself of all that I DID do to turn my life around, all the life experience I had, and basically I had a Ph.D. in street smarts.

By looking at what I’ve accomplished I felt better. By taking inventory of all parts of myself, it was easier to see I could do this. Then I went for it. The fear was a good fear and I’m glad I didn’t talk myself out of it.

This is one area so many people struggle with and for many reasons. When we can believe in ourselves, question ourselves, and go for it anyway things happen. BIG things.

To sum up this part of the coaching journey into one word it would be, CONFIDENCE.

Through my own journey to becoming a coach, I’ve found that cultivating these 5 themes has been the key to my success. Here they are again:


In 2014, I pulled together 15 top coaches and mentors for an online summit, with daily interviews based on these 5 themes. The summit was so successful and had such great feedback that I did it again in 2015.

After I hosted the event a second time, I saw there was something missing. So many aspiring coaches shared the breakthroughs they experienced during the event with me in our private Facebook community. But I noticed that they needed a next step – they needed support in what to do AFTER the breakthrough.

This year, I flipped the script on the whole online summit experience and designed something totally new, a 5-day Challenge & Interview Series. You get to chose your path, find inspiration, use your own life experiences to help guide you, and take PASSIONATE ACTION to becoming the coach you want to be.


The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience 5-Day Challenge & Interview Series is designed to get you out of overwhelm and into action!

At the end of this challenge, you will know how to cultivated the 5 themes, have clarity around who you are here to help, what you can help them with, and how.

In just 5 days, you’ll be on your way to finding your first coaching client!

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