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emclaughlinWith one question, Hillary changed my life. – Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin




You’re talented. You’re MOTIVATED.

So why doesn’t life + business feel good for you, and why aren’t you happy?

Good question…

You are at a place in your journey where your old tools, plans for your future and strategies have stopped working. You have so many ideas and they all seem to loop around in circles and nothing really gets done.

The real magic happens when you acknowledge that and start taking the bold steps to find out what will.


What the Clarity Session Is…

The Clarity Session is for women who are ready to step up to this challenge and embrace it completely. Because things will move fast.


I’ve worked with coaches before (hell, I AM a coach), and I made more progress in our free consultation than I did in 4 months with my last coach. – Stacy Spensly


This is a safe space, free of judgement. You don’t need to have everything figured out in order to have this conversation. You just need to be willing and open and ready to explore your next steps with me.

In this 60-minute Complimentary Clarity Session,
you can expect to:

  • First get clear on exactly what you want in your life and coaching business
  • Uncover the real challenges that may be in your way or stopping you from having a successful life and coaching business
  • Leave with more energy and motivation towards getting the exact results you desire (and deserve!)

This can be your turning point.


After our first free session, she gave me the feeling that she would really be able to listen and actually hear me. She did hear me and gave me great coaching in every session. – Jessica Crane



We are currently not accepting new coaching clients.






P.S. If you’re not ready for a Clarity Session right now, I invite you to really dive into all the resources on this site – there are many of them, and they are real, effective free tools that can help you to create a more soul- fulfilling life and business. Here are a few things to get you started…

Join us in our Facebook Community, The Art of Coaching. Inside you can expect loving support from those on the same path as you, and mentorship and guidance from me, a leader who has been where you are.


We are currently not accepting new coaching clients.