Follow the Yes’s in Your Life

Hey Guys,

What a week it has been with my having to say no to what I love and yes to what my hearts calls me to do. One door closes and another opens to even greater possibility and expression of my gifts. (can you relate?)

I am so sorry this has come out later than I wanted and I still made it when the rain held up and said Yes to the sun.

Enjoy this story and share your below to add to the conversation. (oh and enjoy the airplane that flys overhead I was so involved with my sharing and being in my “Yes” I didn’t even notice it, what a great lesson…lol)

With love always your partner in transformation,



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  1. YES i completely understand, any NO is a diversion to your next yes.
    YES I am going to be more involved in my friends lives and achievements
    YES i will search for happiness and Joy
    YES i will share happiness and Joy with those in need of it.
    YES i can find peace in my soul.
    YES i am able to retire on due to my MS after 18 years with the company
    YES i am about to become a grandmother
    Yes i am only 43.
    Yes i am training to become a yoga teacher to share my yoga joy with my friends and others needing to discover yoga.

    Yes, I truly believe everything happens for some good reason.

  2. Morning Sunshine, A delightful message for all of us to embrace. Saying “Yes” to ourselves gives us permission to become our own best friend.
    Who else will look after our well-being! Saying “No” reminds us that we really do listen to that inner wisdom…and often it does take courage. Heartfelt appreciation for your wisdom.

    • Yes Gena – the universe reflects our relationship with ourselves this is good measure for one’s kalayanamitra (spiritual friendship). You are so welcome and appreciate your sharing. xo

  3. I say yes to being a bit confused right now. A lot of things are happening simultaneously, a lot of choices possibly to be made. I say yes because it will lead to new possibilities.

    I also say yes to meditation and yoga which are helping me gain clarity with regard to that process.

  4. I am saying yes to love and calm and the possibilities that open up with change, and no to the expectations of those around me that aren’t in tune with what I really want my life to look like. It isn’t easy, but following “yes” rather than “no” makes each day just a little more authentic than the last. Thanks for the wonderful articulation of how this is working – I never thought of it in terms of “yes” and “no” before!

    • YES Kiki…. When you do say no you are also creating a new current for the yes…. and it does bring in the authentic. Way to go tanks for sharing. xo

  5. Hi Hillary, thank you so much for your insight and giving through your video. I started watching about 3 months ago and this morning was moved to respond. I just lost a beloved pet in a traumatic way. All I want to do right now is stay home and take care of my family, my home, cook, these all feel like yes’ to me. I am saying no to going to my local yoga studio for classes, I don’t feel ready for the effort of talking or doing an intense practice. I had a light bulb come on when I listened to your talk this week and it felt OK to follow this feeling right now. And in many other areas as well. Taking care of our immediate dharma, is the yes. Thank you,

  6. Following thes ‘yes’ and the strength to say ‘no’. I had an uncomfortable conversation with my employer yesterday. I had to stand up for myself but go aginst what their plan was for me. It was tough and I am still waiting on their response. However I now will look for the YES in my life, where its coming from and how I can follow more closely the path that is OPEN and calling to me.

  7. Yessssss, Hill!!! Thank you…I so needed to hear this and see your smiling face. I’ve been continuing to move in the direction of the many ‘no’s’ thinking I have to go there…ignoring the ‘yesses’ because I thought they weren’t enough to sustain me. (When I read that back, it’s sounds really crazy…even to me!) This morning, I STOP THE MADNESS!

    (((hugs))) from NoCal!

    • Yes Debbie! Glad this helped you and keep following the yes’s – no madness just misdirection and it is easy to get snagged on the no’s because we take them personally. xo

  8. Hi Hillary,

    This past year has been long process of finding a diagnosis. I had been numb in some parts of my body and in pain in others. After about six months, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, but the symptoms didn’t subside after the treatment. Then it was Chronic Fatigue, and finally last week I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I believe is the correct diagnosis.

    I have learned that saying no to some things in my life, is saying yes to me healing. I had to take a leave from my day job and also put my yoga classes which I teach on hold. Giving up my classes was very difficult, but in time I should be back and teaching. This time has shown me how much my day job contributed to my poor health. I am due to return to work in a month, and though I fear going back, I trust the universe will make this work out and find something for me to say no to.

    Thanks for this video and your other blogs.


    • Yes Nicole! I get this totally I had to do the same when I quit my job in fashion. It was a no to what was not good for me and yes to learn to heal and take better care of myself. There is so much to say yes to and an entirely new world will open up. Make sure to get my yoga DVD and use the recordings and chair yoga (8min) it will nourish you. Keep it up you are not alone and I am holding space for your healing. xo

  9. Donna Brower says:

    Hello Hillary,
    Thank you for your post. It spoke deeply to me. I too am dealing with the decision to make huge changes in my life to care for my mother. I am struggling with the ‘yes’ but realize that this is my chance to serve her and be her source of strength, instead of focusing on what I am giving up. Your video helped me to realize that this is an opportunity of doors opening, see the positive, see the yeses and be available to the blessings flowing. Thank you for sharing your strength with all of us! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • Yes Donna! Listen to that fully… You are giving to her and make sure to give to you and have even more for her. This is a clear boundary maker and there is a deeper intimacy with boundaries made. It is my pleasure and know when you say no to You you are then saying Yes to love in service and make sure to celebrate that. xo

  10. Yesterday I attended a therapy session with my significant other and listened through my tears as he said “yes” to allowing me, not 1 month, not 6 months, or ten years, but a lifetime if it takes that long for me to learn the truth that I need to learn in an area that affects us both. Today I had a session with my personal therapist and said “yes” to putting myself back into the game of life and “no” to the life of sadness and isolation that I’ve sentenced myself to since becoming ill 6 years ago. And then, just now, I opened your email and listened to your message of your own personal life struggle and your commitment to saying “yes” to a new chapter in your life.

    So it’s just one more affirmation in a trio of affirmations that I needed right here and now. Thank you for that.

    • Yes Kathleen! I get you sister. You are not alone and keep taking those steps in the direction of the YES to live your life to the fullest. Thank you for reaching out from your heart. You are not alone! Blessings. xo

  11. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I have to give myself permission to be confused, to make difficult decisions. My life isn´t easy right now.

    My crps is getting worse, it´s so hard. And the pain… I have to cope with it. So, I´m saying:
    – yes to myself
    – yes to being confused
    – yes to the flow
    – yes to being week
    – yes to all the help I get (it´s hard!)


  12. Michelle Joubert says:

    Hello Hillary:
    What a beautiful message from a beautiful person. Perfect timing for me to catch this message. Keep shining!

    • Yes Michelle! Love to hear how its perfect timing for you. And are you seeing that then the Yes’s may bring an opportunity to say no to keep with your passionate YES? xo

  13. Thanks for this Hillary:)

    I’m saying yes to a collaborative opportunity to produce and act in projects that make me expand and learn and no to a relationship that would continue to keep me stuck….yes to letting things be the way they are and letting the universe give me what I need and no to controlling everything and feeling bad for it not measuring up…..:)


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