“Goodbye, 2015” and “Hello, 2016”: How to close your year and feel complete

IMG_2453As the year comes to a close have you checked in to see if your intention for the year has helped you to BE, DO and HAVE what you desire? Have you looked at your vision board to see what what may or may not have happened yet?

Reading this you may be reminded of what you would have liked to happen so hang with me to have some closure to your year with doing what I call the Soul’s Sacred Inventory no matter if it was your most epic or painful one.

For me it feels like yesterday that 2015 began. It also feels like I have lived 10 years in one year because I feel like an entirely different person because I am.

I guess that is what becoming a parent is all about.
I guess that is what initiations for your soul’s growth are about.
I guess that is what having a MASSIVE life and business change is about.

When we end a cycle with intention there’s so much we open up to creating in the next one. Click to tweet…

As I take time to review what my intention (word and theme) for the year was for 2015, I am reminded that last year my #1 game changer in my life & business was going from being in auto-pilot to living DELIBERATELY.

For the most part, this helped me to cultivate this into who I am today and live my life more deliberately every day.

Here are the 3 things I did DELIBERATELY that rocked in 2015…

  1. Honor my promise to be present and raise my son with respect and LOVE – working part-time and being with him as much as possible. Cut my workload in half and say no to more.
  2. Stay focused on delivering amazing content, like my Breakthrough to Coaching Experience Summit (this year it was even better) and my coach training program, The Art of Becoming a Coach, I made it a 6 month program with a LIVE event.
  3. Release having to do it ALL and feel good about putting some things to the side to birth in 2016.

One of my biggest Aha’s from 2015 is…

What I know is true is that I’m not the same person I was before having my son, and after my first year of being a parent, in some ways it feels like I’m wearing old shoes that are worn out when I look at some areas of my life and business.

You know how you love that pair of shows so much you’ve worn the souls out and are not ready for a new pair?

It’s time for them to go, you know this, and are enjoying the last steps you take until they are replaced. So in some ways I’m allowing the process to be organic and know there’s so much that will be unfolding next year as I embrace who I have become and am becoming.

Ultimately knowing that for me 2016 will be about EASE, ENJOYMENT and NURTURING – more on that in my first post of 2016.

Remember, you are not the same person you were when the year started. Click to tweet…

This may upset you or excite you. I hope it excites you because this to me is the reason for being ALIVE. To change, to evolve to fulfill our potential. I hope you feel validated and can see all the opportunities in this moment and as you create your best year ever in 2016.

AND you get to define what BEST year ever means for you.

The one thing many people tend to do is launch into what they want to have or create before taking inventory of what worked or didn’t work. To me this is like throwing paint on a house and not looking at the foundation.

So, you guessed right, we’re going to do a short fun review or what I like to call an ‘inventory’ to see how this year was for you. THEN you will clear out anything in the way of you setting your theme, intention or word for 2016.

It’s time to do your Soul’s Sacred Inventory…

Grab your Soul Alignment Cheat Sheet and let’s do this!

  1. What worked for you this YEAR?

  2. What are 3 things you did DELIBERATELY that you rocked this YEAR?

  3. What is one AHA you had this year?

  4. What DIDN’T work this year?

  5. What did you beat yourself about that you can LOVE and FORGIVE yourself for? (Grab this free love and forgiveness meditation to help with this one.)

  6. What was EASY?

  7. What was SO EASY you didn’t even consider?

  8. What was HARD or FORCED?

  9. What felt OFF or it was not a fit for you anymore?

  10. What felt ALIGNED with your heart and soul?

  11. What are you ready to RELEASE?

  12. What are you ready to have MORE of?


What is your biggest takeaway from doing the Soul’s Sacred Inventory?  

What is your intention, word or theme for 2016?

Feel into it. No need to overthink it, let whatever comes to your mind or heart flow. Most likely this is exactly what your soul is asking for.

NOW you get to put this into motion by giving yourself permission to embody this and have it inspire every part of your life and business over the year making this a part of who you are by the time the year ends.

Permission statement time!

“I give myself permission to release (what you wrote above) with ease. This year my intention is to BE (fill in your intention, word or theme for 2016). I allow myself to focus on what is working in my life and business so I can have more of it. It’s easy for me to embody my intention every day and use this to guide me to live my life with purpose. With gratitude, I send this out to the Universe. And so it is…”

Say your Permission Statement every day out loud with enthusiasm while looking in the mirror. (Even if you feel awkward, it will work. I’ve had clients not into this at first who use it, and they were amazed at how it shifted them.)

Sweet Soul, now let’s CELEBRATE!

Tell me, the world, and the Universe what your intention, theme or word is to keep aligned with your SOUL in 2016!

You get to do this on your terms.

If you are ready to SUPERCHARGE your year then share your permission statement for everyone to celebrate along with you. Remember, you never know who you may inspire by taking a step to share your heart and soul.


Your Angel of Fire,





P.S. Share this post with a friend so they can celebrate with you and SUPERCHARGE their year, too…

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