How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!)

start418The big question out there these days is “How can I get clients?”

Clients. Clients. Clients.

I see this question being asked all the time –  new coaches, seasoned coaches, and people who are interested in becoming a coach. I also see many programs out there to help you get clients.

The thing I find that is not being talked about is that this is about sales. It’s about believing in yourself, in what you are offering, and being able to accept a no as much as a yes.

It’s also about knowing what you’re delivering as an experience with a clear outcome so those who are seeking to work with you are clear if you’re for them or not.

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When I started out coaching in 2009, it was a totally different world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, or Snapchat. The online business game was not where it is today and coaching was still weird to people.

The good news is that coaching is now more common and people are seeing the value in hiring coaches.

What is still the same is people are seeking a high-touch experience.

They are looking for connection. They are seeking people they can relate to. They are looking for people who have overcome what they are seeking to overcome. Again, they are looking for connection.

My first coaching client…

Came from a yoga studio where I was teaching. Funny enough, my first coaching client was a man in his 40’s who wanted to be an actor. I held a community night and at the end of the class I handed out Clarity Session forms to those who were interested in working with me. We did a call and was hired. I coached in person and mixed in yoga, meditation, and coaching exercises to help him meet his goal and he made it happen.

My second coaching client…   

Was a woman who was working in the corporate world. I met her at an event I was working. She needed help with getting back into singing because she was stuck and was not able to get past her issue to sing again. I mentioned I was a coach, we set up a call, I remember being in my car and she hired me. I also did in person coaching using all the tools I had at the time. She met her goals and starting performing around LA and throughout California.

My third coaching client…

Came from a friends birthday party. When we got talking about things, we went deep and adoption came up. I was adopted, so was she, and she was having issues she did not know how to get over. We had a conversation and then she became a client for a one month program and rocked it. She did all the work and got over her issues of abandonment.

Then I started to put myself out there online and put together my first group program.

What was so interesting is that I attracted two women who were diagnosed with MS. One who was newly diagnosed, one who was as living with a diagnosis for about 5 years.

One found me through an article in Yoga Journal. The other one found me because of a testimonial I did for a holistic doctor and she saw her endorsing my work.

I did a 12-week program with them both and it was amazing. I then went on to work with one of them for about a year 1:1.

You may think having 2 people in a program is not a good result. I’d say it is.

When you’re starting out it takes time to find what you’re good at and like to do. Click to tweet…

To me, smaller groups are great ways to do this. When you have a smaller group you can ask for direct feedback to help you make what you’re offering better.

From there I did other group programs and built my second program to about 12 women and it was more diverse. What helped to enroll them was doing a live call, then having a 1:1 call where I could enroll them to work with me.

Some things have changed in business and what works is human connection.

Getting clients is important for many reasons. You get experience, build your confidence, and get paid to do what you love and are good at. And we all have to put in the work, have fun learning, and know that getting clients is an art and can be a spiritual practice.

If you’re starting out you can start having people over to your home to offer workshops. You can also have it at a yoga studio, your work, community center, library, or create a MeetUp group.

At the end of your talk you can hand out a one page questionnaire to see what they are struggling with and how invested they are in getting help with their issue. Get their phone number and times that are good to talk and set it up. Or you can set it up on the spot.

To me, the in person, human touch does help when you are starting out. Offering 50 free sessions to get experience and let people have a taste is good to do as well. Again, you’re putting in the hours, the work to gain experience, and most likely people will want more.

Then you can offer them a way to work with you and put a price to that. Pricing is an entirely other conversation. But don’t worry – I have a special extra post this week to help you with that!

If you’re not sure what you’re here to help people with as a coach and would love more support to put this into action, I’ve got you covered!

Join me in my free 5-day Challenge & Interview series to learn the 5 C’s you must have to be a successful coach. Learn from 5 top coaches, where we will help you figure out who you’re here to help and get you into action so you can have your first client!

Now you, Sweet Soul.

Share with me and the community how long you’ve been on your coaching path OR how long you’ve been considering becoming a coach. Then share your #1 takeaway from this post.

If you’d love help with getting your first client, then share more about where you’re at, who you’re here to help, and what you’ve been doing to find your first client.

If you found some ways that have worked for you then share those, too!

Share in a comment below or join us in my private Facebook community, The Art of Coaching, where we’ll keep this conversation going!


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