Honor Your Rhythms + Stop Obsessing Over Being Productive

Be honest, when you get stuff done you just feel good. Right?

Don’t hold back here.

I know the feeling of accomplishment. It’s grounding and solid, like you just ate the best meal of your life. It’s a high that feels like you’re on the top of the world.

It’s invigorating.

But instead of enjoying it, you’re fast to find another thing to get done. Another thing to accomplish. Another goal to meet so you feel good about yourself.

It’s a never ending cycle toward being productive.

“The society based on production is only productive, not creative” – Albert Camus
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Being Productive Does Not = Worthiness

Let’s look at why it’s so important for you to be productive and what thoughts go through your head when you’re not.

We all have our to-do lists but what happens when you delay or postpone a task?

Call yourself out here.

No one is looking over your shoulder, it’s just you and me.

Does this mean you suck? Do you feel inadequate?
Does this mean it’s ok to beat yourself up? Put yourself down? Compare yourself?
Do you start calling yourself lazy or some other word that pegs you as being a procrastinator?

Is that true? Are you really a procrastinator?

Or do you have a belief that you are only worthy when you get sh*t done and call yourself lazy or a procrastinator when you are actually needing to replenish your energy and listen to your natural rhythms?

Being laser focused is great, but there’s another important side to being productive.

This one has been big for me since my new site launch has been delayed for months now. I had to embrace this concept in an even bigger way.

The Truth is… The Universe Pulses + So Do You

Pulsation = contraction + expansion.

Let’s break this down in your life:

If you were just contracted (productive, grounded, steady, masculine) all the time it wouldn’t work. If you were just expanded (creative, free, flow, feminine) all the time it wouldn’t work.

What you need is to honor the presence of both of these energies and how they move within you.

I first learned of this concept that life is a pulsation in my yoga teacher training in 2002. The sanskrit word is “spanda”, for those of you who are into sanskrit.

There are plenty of books written about this deep philosophy if you wish to dig deeper.

For the sake of this post, I’m keeping it simple so you can apply this to your life right now–so you can stop being so hard on yourself and follow your own dance of contraction + expansion.

Create Space + Find Your Natural Rhythms in Life:

1. Honor your progress.Write out before you go to bed a list of what you did that day so you can see that you get a ton done. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be brushing your teeth, making the bed, paying the bills, etc. List it out and notice how you feel when doing this.

2. NO to-do list allowed. Take at least one day during the week (most likely the weekend) to wake up and flow. To be creative. If you are not able to take a full day then take a half day, your morning or evening. This is most likely where you will get ideas, inspiration and fill your soul up.

3. Upgrade Your Thoughts. When the thoughts of “you’re not enough” come up around being productive, say this: I give myself permission to have space, slow down + be me. It’s OK, and I am worthy because I am alive.

Choose one of theses 3 juicy practices that speaks to you and see how your life unfolds with more grace + ease.

This is experimentation time, not get sh*t done time. Are you in?

Let me know in the comments below what this post brings up for you.

I’m inviting you to create an even more fulfilling life. Ready? Get set… Go!




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