How to Create A Self-Care Plan That Works For You

This past week I was interviewed for an upcoming tele-summit and was asked what my self-care rituals were.

I paused.

Then felt pressured to get it “right”.

See, I’ve radically changed my views on self-care.

Yup, you read that right.

I’ve changed it up a bit and had to let you know. Now you too can take the pressure off and finally make this self-care business waaay easier.

Self-Care Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Chore  tweet this…

I hear every week on my clarity calls and with clients how important taking care of themselves is to them.  But they feel guilty, get too busy or just forget to put themselves first. They feel like it’s a chore and it get’s boring. Can you relate?

The missing piece is that the definition of self-care is confused, influenced with judgement and not defined by what works for them because it’s based on what someone told them they must do.

That doesn’t work.

Having to do the same thing everyday can be helpful for grounding and focus yet I find today that this doesn’t work so well for many women.

It tends to become a mindless chore and who likes doing chores?

The cool thing is there are many activities that go under the self-care umbrella and they all are worth exploring. By exploring what they are for you will help you honor how your energy shifts everyday.

Variety Is The Key to Make Self-Care Work

When you take the time to explore what self-care really is for you and give yourself options in the areas that you want to focus on you’ll see how much easier it is to stay on track.

You may want to focus on connecting with your body or eating healthy or taking time to rest or connecting to source. Whatever it is variety will help you keep up with taking care of yourself.

Instead of pushing yourself to go to the gym every single day and then beating yourself up for not going adding variety to your self-care plan will take you out that never ending cycle.

I want for you to be FREE from how it’s “supposed to look” and actually have fun finding more ways to keep it alive for yourself.

Trust me I’ve been that person who’s rigid and that totally has it’s place until it no longer works.The big shift for me was I needed to branch out and turn what I “have to do” into “what I do”.

Today I feel into what type of exercise I’m going to do that best serves me on any given day.

Now my exercise self-care plan looks like this: Exercise everyday. I choose from a list of activities I enjoy like hiking, a strong yoga practice, a restorative yoga practice, jumping on the reformer, boot camp, long walks with my dog, sprinting, and dancing.

I give myself freedom to move my body for only 15 min or an hour. Sometimes I break my day up with 3/15 min workouts. I’m not locked into doing the same thing every day because I have a buffet of choices to chose from.

When I get busy (aka stressed) with launching a new program or creating a new product or an event I set myself up for the week with a plan mixing it up so I’m totally taking care of myself.

Can you see how it’s way easier to weave your self-care as part of your lifestyle instead of having it on a to-do list?

Now Let’s Create Your Self-Care Plan

First, decide on the #1 area of your self-care plan you want to improve.

Second, add VARIETY. What are all the ways that light you up in that area? Maybe you want to explore a new activity. This is the perfect time to do that. [refer to my example above if you need some ideas]

Third, start now, keep an ongoing list of activities and have fun creating a lifestyle you love.

Now you know the steps so you can do this everyday to keep it fresh.

Talk To Me + Make It Real…

Tell me in the comments below the #1 area you want to improve right now. Need suggestions? Let me know that too and I’ll personally answer your questions.

Thank you for hanging out and being part of this important conversation.

Your angel of fire,






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