How to Create More Of What You Want By Asking Better Questions

blog_05.09.14What if we have this whole question thing wrong? We all consciously and unconsciously ask thousands, maybe even millions, of questions a day and have no idea the effect it has.

Imagine you’re having a challenging day, what questions do you ask when this is happening? Maybe it goes something like this…

When will this end? Why is nothing working for me today? How did I get into this again? How will I ever get out of this situation?

I hear, all the time, people say, “Why do I never have enough time or money?” It becomes more of a mantra than a question. Hmmm…

What this kind of question creates is resistance.

They become a magnet to attract the very thing you want gone, and much more of it, too! We all know the law of attraction and how we create our own reality. Many people still think this is crazy, especially when crappy things happen. This then leads to, why in the world would we create that?

I don’t know, it just is. We create all sorts of situations in our life for many reasons. I believe it goes much deeper because our spirit/soul wants different things for us than our ego, and we have to grow. If we are not growing, we are dying… Click to tweet.

Even what we don’t want, we want on some level, because it happens. Odd, but true.

I also feel there is more hidden to how the universe works, and a lot of it is deeply embedded in how we think, how we were programmed, and what we believe. Why does one person at a party have the best time ever and another has the worst? Perspective? Perhaps.

Intention? Their karma? Their energy?

What if it’s all of this and there is something else we have not been paying attention to, like asking a different or “right” question.

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with a friend, a fellow coach, who was one of the experts for the Breakthrough to Coaching Experience, and we were chatting. She was asking me about business. I could feel her struggling, and her questions were all about what she could have done, or about finding out what she was missing.

Having a good vent is great – and then it can also take us over. The negative or problem solving energy is heavy and becomes a vortex that only brings us deeper into what we don’t want.

When I said to her, “What if it was easy?”, something shifted in her energy like a big boulder was removed. I could feel she became lighter, and there was a chuckle on the other end.

She then asked herself the same question, thanked me for asking such a provocative question, and it shifted her world so much she created a blog post and Facebook group out of it, and felt inspired to help others find out – what if it was easy?

I was blown away to hear how this simple question could be so powerful.

Let’s start shifting YOUR energy now: Why is it so easy… Click to tweet.

We all have been programmed to see the problem, what is wrong, and go into over efforting and then we just get deeper into the pain instead of releasing it and creating more of what we want. I know when I learned this it changed my paradigm and made everything easier, especially when challenges came up.

How to create more of what you want by asking better questions…

First step, take a deep breath. Pat your legs and validate yourself being in a body in present time.

What questions are you are asking right now about your life, business, relationships, etc?

Some ideas…

Why is it so hard to make money?
Why can’t I find a healthy relationship?
How much longer can I stay at this job?
How will I find new coaching clients?
Why won’t my kids listen to me?
Why is it so hard to pay my bills every month?
Why does everything keep falling apart?

Whatever the question is, let yourself have space for it. Notice how asking this question creates a block in your body and also is a downer.

Next step, take the question and flip it. Here are examples from the Q’s above.  

Why is it so easy to manifest money?
Why is it so easy to be in a healthy relationship?
Why is it so easy to enjoy my job?
Why is it so easy to have new coaching clients?
Why is it so easy for my kids listen to me?
Why is it so easy to pay my bills every month?
Why is it so easy to keep it all together?

Last step, now it’s your turn to use the Why is it So Easy Script below to help you get started.  

Why is it so easy to…

Claim it to the world… Why is it so easy to _________? Click to tweet. (just click the link and fill in your question before posting)

After you write your first one you will feel better. Start saying it aloud, often, and feel the shift in energy. you can keep saying it, then go into other questions you can ask. You can use this any time, like when you are sitting in traffic, in a doctor’s office, or at a family gathering.

[Note: If you are a smarty pants kinda person who thinks a lot know this question is not for you to answer. It’s to shift the focus, energy and open you up to creating more of what you want. It’s like stopping complaining and focusing on what you are grateful for. Have fun with it!]

Come for the journey into a new paradigm, one that feels way better and creates more of what you want instead of the problems.

Write your “right” question on a post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror, to the side of your computer screen, and on the front of the fridge. Practice asking your “right” question throughout the day – this is how you will see the shift and have it work for you.

Now It’s Your Turn, Gorgeous…

Post your “right” question below (Why is it so easy to ________) with your Twitter handle so we can tweet it for you.
Ex: Why is it so easy to love myself. @hillaryrubin

I will personally be in the comments along with the community cheering you on. I can’t wait to read what you are going to make easy in your life.  

Make sure you come back and update us on how asking the right question is working for you. I can’t wait to hear about it!

Your Angel of Fire,


P.S. Having buddy to call or connect with to practice will also help. Use this space to make a connection if you feel you need it. We’re here as part of this community to support and help each other grow.

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