How to Get Organized to Have Better Focus in Your Life and Business

honorDo you ever feel overwhelmed and find it hard to get stuff done or stay focused without being distracted by this or that?

I understand.

I’m guessing you’ve read almost every book out there on getting organized and focused, but only found yourself feeling even more scattered as your stuff wasn’t getting done?

Well, it’s not your fault, and there’s a reason other people’s systems don’t work for you – and most likely won’t.

Let’s talk about WHY other people’s systems don’t work for you.

I’m going to state the obvious, so please bare with me.

We are all unique, and there is no one system that fits everyone. Click to tweet…

If anything, after reading this post, you will begin to see there’s nothing wrong with you and hopefully you’ll be able to have fun uncovering your own system that works for you.

That’s the point, really.

After reading books, trying systems that were suggested to me from other people – even coaches – I felt extremely frustrated and like there was no system out there to work for me.

The one thing I did walk away with is to time how long it takes for me to get stuff done so I could better set up how my days go and have enough time to do what I need to do. This helped me to map out my weeks, months, and to know what I need to get done first, what takes the most time, and what is the most fun, too!

I cannot say this enough — someone else’s way is great for them, but when you start putting yourself in that box, there is a misfit. Like a round peg in a square hole. The action of getting organized, being productive, and focused is the same, but the way of getting there does not fit.

What I’ve found is… the energy is different, not yours, and there is very little wiggle room for you to discover what really works for you.

For example… if you are an early riser and you’re being told to work late at night, this would not be a fit – you would be met by tons of resistance, only to feel like you’re missing out on something.

For some people, they may be able to plug and play someone else’s system, but for most, this does not work. Now there may be one or two things that are a great idea – like opening your mail right away then pay it if it’s a bill, file it to avoid having piles, and other similar processes that benefit just about everyone.

To sum this up, you will find good ideas along the way about productivity and focus that feel right for you, and in the end you get to create  a way that is tailored to work for you. You want to test it out and see how it fits into how you already get stuff done.

What I do and the resources I use that help me stay organized and focused.

Loving warning: Keep in mind this is my system, what works for me, and I’m not saying this will work for you – you have to create your system. After years upon years of experimenting, I found what I need to feel good to get stuff done, have fun, and stay focused.

How I design my week for my business and life.

In the start of the year, I break it down into quarters. Then I decide what I want to create in my life and business that feels good for me and put it all in one place (Resource: Google Docs)… It’s fun and a space to expand and create.

I take a weekend, create a sacred creative place with music, candles, or whatever helps you relax, do a braindump, then use big sheets of paper (Resource: Post-it Self-Stick Easel Pad) and plan out each month.

Then, I put this into weekly tasks for myself and my team. I also put tasks in an online project management system for the team to know what they need to do and also keep on track for each project. (Resource: Asana).

This helps me delegate tasks and do what I’m good at and love to do.

Note that this is more big picture so I can be on track each month, week, and day. Keep in mind the big picture, even if this is new for you to make it easier to see the steps you need to take to meet whatever you are working on or wanting to create.

Which leads me to my fave day of the week – Sunday! This is my sacred weekly planning day to know what my week looks like personally and in my business. This also helps me not be overwhelmed, and know how much time I have to do what I have to get done.

I look at what I have planned for the month in the quarter we are in, then see what is needed for my week personally, and for my biz. I use a weekly paper planner I LOVE (Resource: Post-It Weekly Planner)

I then prioritize and make sure the more time consuming stuff gets done first, and do it on the day I have the space to do it. FYI: Social media happens after I get my stuff done as more of a reward than a distraction.

AND to stay focused on this day and and pretty much any day I need it, I put on music to help me focus to get anything done that takes time – music helps me to stay focused as well as honor my process (Resource: Focus@Will).

My Mondays and Tuesdays are lighter. I love to write and create content on Tuesdays. Wednesday-Friday are my full days.

Again, note my mornings are for me to have the energy and take care of myself. I’m cool with working weekends because the energy feels more expansive for me, and will take time for planning and to get big projects done where I can be calmer and have more time to create.

The first thing I do on any day of the week, this is non-negotiable, is my self care.

I tap into how I want to be while I’m doing what I have to do on that day, and do what my body wants. It’s not set, it allows variety which I love, and I give myself about 1-2 hours to do this. Sometimes it’s yoga (Resource: YogaGlo), hiking, or sometimes even sleeping in.

I set my intention for the day (Resource: Hiro Boga’s Deva Cards) and then eat a nourishing breakfast followed by meditation (Resource: Meditate, Create & Liberate: Meditation & Coaching Program).

When that is all done, then my work day begins. Every day I have time to do what I set out to do and leave time for social media more at the end of the day, unless I’m in one of my Facebook groups I have for my programs.

To sum it up, I know for myself, Mondays are more of a personal and partial business day. This works for me. I start my work day at 10:30-11:00am on most days. I work with clients Wednesday through Friday. Weekends are there as a flex to do work if I’m on a project and also hang with my family. This pretty much is my lifestyle design.

Remember… like everything else in life, there is no real one-size-fits-all. So take some of my resources, some of my steps, and try them out. Play with it and twist them around until you find the way that works best for your life and business.

Now let’s focus on YOU! Time to check in and ask yourself…

What exactly do you do now, or not do, that you would change so you can be more productive and focused?

How to create your own system to stay organized and focused.

Please note, these steps are for you to experiment with to find your way of being more productive and stay focused. One or more may work, or not. No biggie.

The key is to get your wheels moving so you can experiment, use any of the resources above if they feel good for you to use, and then create a system that feels good for you as well as gets you better results. Allow time to find what works.

When you change one thing in your behavior you will get different results. Click to tweet…

Let’s have some fun!

Step one: First recognize you already have a system you created to get stuff done in your life and business. You’re doing a good job and have created whatever does exist, and maybe even worked hard to do that. Acknowledge what you’ve already created.

Step two: Where do you get distracted? Identify this, and then cut this out and put what you need to get done first. You can use your distraction (like social media) as a reward after you get stuff done.

You get to give yourself permission.

Step three: Know what time of day you have the most energy. When do you feel you can get the most done, and be most focused?

Note this, and check in over your week so you can use your time effectively and have energy to do what you want or need to get done. How do you want to design your life?

Step four: Braindump all you have to get done, your projects, your commitments, and what will feel great to complete in the next 30 days – if that feels good for you. You get to figure out what feels right for you.

Do you feel monthly or quarterly would be easier to see the big picture? Then chunk down to what needs to get done quickly?

Step five: Pick a day of the week to write out all your personal and business tasks. And if you want to put an intention of how you want to feel on any given day, do that, too.

Ask yourself what would feel amazing to get done on this day? What will I feel OK about not completing today? Then it may be easier to find focus and see you have enough time to complete what you want or need to do.

Lastly, if you want to try the exercise to see how long it takes to do stuff, and then be able to plan better, try that, too.

Sweet soul, did you find this helpful?

I hope that through this post, you found out more about yourself and what options you have so you can up your game, get stuff done, and say no to distractions eating your precious time away.

I want to know exactly what you found here that you think will help you the most to be more productive and focused in your life and business.

I can’t wait to read in the comments what you found in this post that you are going to play with, which resources you will try for yourself, and which step above for creating your own system helped you the most.

Remember, no matter where you are at, you’re doing a great job!


Your Angel of Fire,


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