How to know what is true for you and live by it (instead of apologizing for it)

IMG_2376Happy New Year!

Right at this moment ALL of us, well many of us, are faced with (or let’s say invited to open to) creating our best year ever. This means we already have set our intentions, created or are in the middle of creating vision boards, and have our epic plans all figured out for 2016.

If you are on the personal growth path, then you are eager to make changes and grow into the next BEAUTIFUL version of yourself. OR this may be a really intense time for you, causing you to feel anxious, or maybe you’re holding back because you are afraid you won’t do it right.

Let me tell you What I Know To Be TRUE…

YOU CANNOT DO YOUR LIFE WRONG. Click to tweet if you agree!

What has helped me to shift and accept where I am in my life is LIFE itself. I’ve had some EPIC life and business changes in addition to a massive change in my identity. This shift has become my greatest teacher, guide and friend and has helped me to WAKE UP to tune into wisdom within my HEART and SOUL.

Which has allowed me to accept when I waver and feel unsure about myself and when I feel like I want to give up. The last two years have been my biggest initiations of my life and I’m incredibly humbled by it.

I’m in a new tribe now. Well many of them, and am still out on the edge looking in.

If you can relate and feel a bit on the fringe because you’ve had some big shifts inside and now you’re in the process to find synergy with your inner and outer game of success, then this post is for you.

I’m giving myself permission to be a spiritual badass! Click to tweet if you’re in…

Let’s Rock Out Your What I Know To Be True Statements.

First, let’s set the stage for you to step out and step up.

No one can tell you what is true for you, only you can and should! Click to tweet if you agree…

The formula I find works best is to…

BE curious. Listen to your heart and soul. Explore what you really believe and trust.
Express it without having to say anyone else is doing it wrong.

Set a timer for 15-30 min. Light a candle, do whatever gets you in tune with your deepest self and have FUN.

Validate whatever comes up and ask yourself every step of the way is this really TRUE for me? When you get a YES in every cell of your body, then own it.

Your prompt: What is TRUE for ME about (fill in the blank with these 7 areas or what you’d like to use that is more aligned with you) is…

What is TRUE for ME about Spirituality is…

What is TRUE for ME about Family is…

What is TRUE for ME about Parenting is…

What is TRUE for ME about Career is…

What is TRUE for ME about Health is…

What is TRUE for ME about Money is…

What is TRUE for ME about Creativity is…

What is TRUE for ME about Lifestyle is…

You may want to sit with what you wrote and let it simmer or you are feeling like a spiritual badass and are going to OWN it.

Now in order to not have to apologize for it, you must own it and be humble. This means you don’t have to force it into anyone’s face. This means you are OK if they disagree with you. This means you can allow others to do what they do and be neutral about it.

You get to LIVE it and embody it. When or if you are questioned, then you can kindly share this is where you are at and hope they can support you with it. No need to shout it out so someone feels what they are doing is wrong. You know how that one feels, c.r.a.p.p.y.

Coach Tip: If you are a coach then feel free to use each of these to write a blog post or teach about or speak about. This is great for content creation and for you to follow as you create a life and business on your own terms as well as use with clients.

Here’s my What I Know To Be TRUE list…

What I know to be true about spirituality is… it’s always evolving. What works for me may not work for someone else and there is room for it all.

What I know to be true about family is… no matter what is going on, there is always time for love and forgiveness.

What I know to be true about parenting is… it’s the most rewarding and beautifully challenging job on the planet.

What I know to be true about having a career is… you get to decide if it defines you or if you can see it as something you get to create (do) as your ART.

What I know to be true about being Health is… it’s not a goal it’s a lifestyle.

What I know to be true about money is… once you get over the numbers and fear of it, then you can have more and make more.

What I know to be true about my creativity is… it’s always there, even when I am not feeling it. When I move my body and am able to talk it out, it flows.

What I know to be true about designing a lifestyle on your own terms is… without a solid inner game it’s impossible, or nearly impossible, to have a solid outer game.

Now it’s your turn to claim it and own it!

Be a spiritual badass and tell me (and the Universe) in the comments below one of your What I Know to Be True Statements.

I can’t wait to read your statements and support you as you put it into action to create a strong foundation for making 2016 an EPIC year!


Your Angel of Fire,


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