How to Shift Your Mindset Around Uncertainty to Create More Freedom In Your Business & Life (3 Mindset Shifts That Work…)

mindsetIt’s exciting to start your own thing in business or even a side gig or any new life project. Taking the first step in the face of uncertainty and going for it means EVERYTHING.

This starts you off as the fuel to get you going, but what happens when that fuel begins to run out?

You get snagged, caught in your head, trapped in your mind believing maybe you’re nuts to have ever even taken the first step?

Maybe, “they were right” starts to pull you down and you question yourself, excuses come in, and the, “How am I going to pull this off?” question towers over you.

This post is part 3 in a 3-part blog post series all about my experience in building a business on my own terms. I’ll share lessons I learned while building my business, tools I’ve discovered to make it easier, and how to handle one of the biggest issues you are probably facing as you try to build your own business. If you missed part 1 or part 2, be sure to check them out!

The mindset that got you started may need to be upgraded to keep you going. Click to tweet…

I will repeat it because it’s true, taking the first step in the face of uncertainty is the biggest step to take on any journey in business or life.

Here’s where you are now…

You’re doing your thing and 99% of the time you’re doing things you’ve never done before – check.

You’re doing your best to learn along the way, Googling to figure it out, but you’re feeling moments of frustration – check.

You are tired or drained – check.

Maybe you have a plan or a roadmap that looks great on paper, but now you’re in the real world doing your thing and your  “stuff” is starting to come up. You’re feeling the rub because it’s not working out how you thought it would.  Your head is full of other people’s thoughts or ideas, and you begin to question why you’re even doing this.

The UNKNOWN, uncertainty, of it working or not working starts to come in like storm clouds on a hot summer night and you’re feeling pressure – pressure you’re creating.

You’ve been at it for a month or maybe longer, like a year or two or three, and you’re wondering why this or that is not working the way you thought it would, or how you were promised it would work by xyz program. You’re showered with doubt and fear, and you begin to think (and believe your thoughts) that this is not the right thing to to, right now.

Maybe you put it on hold for when you learn this or that thing you’re missing OR you work harder, push through, then begin to look around at what everyone else is doing. Listening to what the gurus and experts say, and your head gets filled with more information than you can handle. Your inner critic wakes up and takes over.

Your body is cold, stiff and your mind is heated up… And you want it to stop!

You end up second guessing yourself and pull back in fear of not knowing if you can really make it happen. You stop. Weeks go by and nothing has happened, you feel like a failure, impostor, and like you’re missing the big secret everyone else is in on.

INSERT A DEEP BREATH… and another and another, and let’s go for one more.

Just reading the process of getting stuck may have brought up something for you. Maybe you’ve been there in your own way or are there right now – that’s OK. You are doing a good job and have done a good job, even if you’ve messed up.

Take a moment right now to let that story go, along with ANY other stories you have, are experiencing or creating right now. Maybe you put aside what you really dream of being, doing or having, for the FEAR of failure.

Put ALL of it in a bubble and blow it up. Have fun with it…  Let that energy go. Ahh…

Say “Hello” to Mindset Shift #1:

Tell yourself you’ve done a good job no matter what happens and see how you have more energy to keep creating.

See, uncertainty creates a big wall of fear and doubt, and will stop you (and most people) dead in your tracks – unless you have a healthy relationship with it.

This is WHY having a strong mindset, knowing what to put your attention on, and creating a way of working that is fun and exciting is uber important.

What we are taught to do, in order to have success in our businesses or our lives is…

Work hard.
Push through.
Prove yourself.
And take your business seriously.

This formula may have worked years ago, but today, it’s an outdated blueprint. I lived it, breathed it, and was constantly feeling like I was missing out or not working hard enough and it became a sick cycle until I began to focus on my mindset in the ways I’m sharing with you today.

When we do all of these, we get burned out, forget the reason we started, and fun, ease and enjoyment is no longer part of the equation.

Then big fat excuses come up as fast as bunnies procreate.

I can’t do this.
It’s not perfect.
I’m not ready.
I’m not smart enough.
No one will pay me for this.
It’s not the right time.
I don’t have the money.
I need to do this or that program.
I need to get more education or a degree.
There are too many people offering what I have.
I have to have the perfect website, logo, and tagline.
Who’s going to trust or hire me when I don’t have it all figured out.
And this mentor or coach or (fill in the blank) will be the magic pill to my success.

One of the ways to start to shift your mindset is to call yourself out. Click to tweet…

Paying attention to where you put your awareness and the beliefs you have right now, will shape the outcome of your business. Cleaning that part up frees you and opens you to see you do have what it takes and there is NO competition – NONE.

And then some questions come into the mix to really mess us up.  

What if I fail?
What if no one wants what I’m offering?
What if I look stupid or like I don’t know what I’m doing.

And the biggie… what is wrong with me and what am I missing?

These questions will only take you deeper down the rabbit hole, and then you are a prisoner of your mind and these crappy thoughts.

So, how do we turn this around so you can create a healthier, happier, and powerful mindset?

The first thing is to notice what your pattern is. Become aware of what’s working you.

Use these 3 Questions to call yourself out and see what’s true for you.

#1.. Are you writing stories in the future of failure to convince yourself to stop?

#2. Are you letting your excuses and other people’s fears influence your journey?

#3. Are you feeling the pressure from the uncertainty and allowing this to stop you from moving forward?

Once you get honest with yourself, more aware of what’s true for you, you begin to open up to shifting your mindset. Good job!

The new formula for a FREEDOM mindset in your Business & Life is…

Work is easy even if there is a lot to do, it’s easy.
Validate and acknowledge yourself often.
Allow yourself to be in your flow & honor your process.
And have lots of fun and feed your creativity daily to thrive in your business.

Say “Hello” to Mindset Shift #2:

Why is it so easy… (fill in the blank of what it is you’re creating)

You get to decide if you can have your business be easy.

One way to handle the Big U, uncertainty, is to identify where you are having certainty in your life. Click to tweet…

What I see all the time, is how uncertainty kills dreams, goals, desires, and creating pretty much anything for my clients. Not knowing if it will work out takes over the excitement of what they are creating.

The pain of not having it happen now is easier to deal with than facing the “What if it doesn’t work out?” question I mentioned above. Most of us love to know what will happen, we want certainty and to be in control. We will go for control over not knowing any day.

The secret is – the only thing you do have control over is your mind, your actions, and the way you respond or react to things. You get to create new ways of thinking, believe what you want to believe, and grow through what pushes your buttons or where you are neutral.

Pretty powerful stuff, right? So when you know where you have certainty in your life, it will be easy for you to fill up with that feeling to fuel your next steps in your business or life.

Say “Hello” to Mindset Shift #3:

What if you gave yourself permission, (instead of waiting for someone to give it to you), have what you are creating in the time it will take. Be OK with what is now, your process, and taking steps into the unknown.

Permission Statement (say aloud daily in the mirror to help create your shift):

I give myself permission to release outdated beliefs and create new ones. I allow myself to be OK with where I’m at [with whatever project you’re working on in your business or life] and take baby steps into the face of the unknown, with ease. It’s fun and easy.  Every day I trust myself more to create my business and life [or whatever you want to create], on my own terms. I am enough. And so it is…

As we grow and focus on growth, we open to new ways of being. Click to tweet…

Becoming more aware of what gets you stuck is the first step to shifting your mindset. By using the mindset shifts above (you are free to experiment and play with what works for you), along with the permission statement, you have a plan with tools to get you started.

This will also be fuel for you to keep going. You are doing a good job, even when you mess up or don’t know what to do. This one shift has brought me so much peace in my business and with myself.

Releasing getting it right or perfect was also helpful and a process I found more enjoyable when I started to play with it.

Do you feel a bit better now, knowing you have simple shifts to put in place so you can keep moving forward in what you are creating in your business and life?

This post shares a few things you can begin to do to help you with your mindset shift and if you’d like to have more support and tools, I have a feeling you’ll love the Meditate, Create & Liberate 7-Day Mini E-Course. Head over to check out the video, learn how this mini e-course will help you create more flow in your life, and then enter your name and email to get started today – it’s free!

Now Sweet Soul, I’m curious to know what your biggest takeaway is from this post…

I want to hear exactly how this post has helped you to get unstuck, and start to get out of your head, so you can feel good in the unknown of what you are creating in your business and life again as you continue working towards your dreams!

So, tell me in the comments…

What will you put into action today and what will your first baby step be? OR What project will you apply these shifts to, so you can move forward or get started?

I can’t wait to hear what you got out of this post and connect with you below!


Your Angel of Fire,





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