How to Start 2013 Feeling Clear, Focused + Energized

Deep breath…

Next week I’m off for a family road trip up the pacific coast and not going to do any work.

Ahem! Talk about challenges this is a big one.

Because I love what I do I always mix work and play. This is how I designed my life and been living this way for years.

I admit taking a week off for vacation is/was a loose end from 2011 that felt like a burden.

What loose ends do you need to clear up in your life?

Slowing Down Reveals a New Kind of Focus

This year one of the biggest lessons I‘ve learned is the power of slowing down. It opened me up to feeling more, getting clear on what matters most and being even more present to my life.

It helped me get my values and actions lined up so I could feel good about taking a week off
and let go of it being a burden.

I will admit this did not come from nothing.

It came from going deep with my coach 1:1 for the last few months (8 months when completed) who supported me through this profound shift.

I dove into the deep end and felt like old parts of me were dying. My old ways fought hard. My mind came up with crazy ways to stop me. I had to surrender when I was up against my edge.

I felt pain more deeply.
I forgave more deeply.
I connected to myself more deeply.

I met my feelings of feeling inadequate intimately. Face to face. Every version of myself showed up and I made peace with her.

This feeling of being inadequate has been around since I can remember and I thought I healed it. Wrong. Well on some level I did but there was more.

It was uncomfortable (good sign of growth) and experimented with new ways of being that started to feel better than what I was used to. Slowing down allowed me to shift my beliefs and trade out what did not work anymore. It was an upgrade.

I was tying up a loose end for my soul that were hanging around way too long.

Unfinished Business is an Energy Suck

By slowing down I was able to really see how true this is. I did less and completed more. I felt lighter. I had more time to take care of myself. I was able to see what was draining for me.

Having lots of loose ends will feel like overwhelm. It will show up in your dreams. Even if you complete a to do list you will still feel like there is more to do.

It will suck your energy and you will not even realize it.

Think about how many things you said you would do and you didn’t.
Think about what you borrowed that you need to return.
Think about bills you need to pay or money you need to pay back.
Think about where you can forgive and move on.
Think about who is waiting to hear I love you.

Just thinking about it will be the first phase of this shift.

Take Action + Start the Tying Up Loose Ends in 2012 Challenge:

Start now…

Click here to download your Tying Up Loose Ends 2012 Challenge Action Guide

(Right click or Option click and choose “Save As” or “Download Linked File As”)

You are in charge. Give yourself permission to slow down (even if you are busy with this or that) to do the 3 steps in this guide and start to feel lighter. This is for your soul, life, + the world.

You deserve to clear out your energy and feel lighter.
You deserve to feel at peace and let go of unwanted stress.
You deserve to reduce any feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

Leave me a comment below saying, “I’m in Hillary + tell me one thing you already know you are going to clear up for 2012.” (or something like that.)

I can’t wait to read your comments what you are going to shift.

I need your help to spread the word:

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