How to turn a spiritual shit storm into an opportunity for spiritual growth

IMG_2292I’ve been feeling like we’re going through mercury retrograde or something is going on with the planets, or maybe it’s just the end of the year holiday-energy-vortex that is helping me to shift and clean house.

Can you relate?

Right now I feel like I’ve been through a bit of a spiritual shit storm. I’m thankful for my mentors, meditation practices and coaching tools because I’m finally starting to feel like I’m on the other side of it, and now can see more clearly and find the silver lining in the dark cloud.

This all started last Tuesday. I was totally out of my body and focused on everything other than being present with what I was doing.

Let me paint the picture for you…

I was feeling good because I just finished my group coaching call for my coach training program The Art of Becoming a Coach. I hung up the phone, grabbed my computer and was headed to my favorite coffee spot to get some things done before the holiday. Before I knew it, I broke through the baby gate (yes you read that right), fell on the floor and my computer crashed, too.

When I turned it on it sounded like it was infested with crickets. OUCH! I called Apple and they said you have an issue with your hard drive. I wanted to go to the store but they were closing early for a Dancing with the Stars Holiday Show – in LA and this is “normal”.

There was nothing that could happen so I had to accept the situation.

I could have cried or laughed.

I’ll admit, I did both.

The plot thickens. I found out when I get back from my holiday that for a week, all of my emails – personal and business – had been down.

Again, I could have cried or laughed.

I’ll admit, I did both.

What helped me was when I was crying, Odin laughed in my face. I was reminded to bring amusement into the situation. I began to laugh at it all, belly laugh, and my tears went from frustration to happiness.

His amusement was a pattern interrupt which brought me back to what really matters. He helped me to ground and get focused. This is what I love about children and animals, they wake us up from being so in our heads and emotions.

Then, when I had a moment to myself, I asked myself 3 important questions to help me see more clearly.

When you answer these Q’s for yourself, please allow yourself to be amused. Let yourself laugh at it all, belly laugh or fake the laugh, and see how this shifts your energy. Being serious when answering is not going to help it, it will create more resistance.

#1. What are you learning from this?

#2. What is good about this?

#3. What would it look like if it all worked out? (This part is a way to shift your energy to changing the story and vision to what you’d like to create instead.)

Write these down and have them handy when you are in the thick of it. This will help you to turn the car around, so to speak, and not be taken under by the wave of the storm. And when you are working with clients, you can use these questions so they can see their way out of the storm, too!

I know when I use them with my clients it always brings clarity and a lightness. The seriousness goes away and they get back to being present again.

Here are my answers:

#1. What are you learning from this?

It’s safe for me to slow down and be present. It’s safe for me to take time off from working. It’s safe for me to trust those who support me in my life and business.

#2. What is good about this?

I had time to relax and unplug. I have a new hard drive and can rebuild my computer with a clean slate. I can let go of being in control of everything and let those around me to do their job. I took steps for my spiritual growth. My team is amazing and we have systems that allow us to keep moving forward.

#3. What would it look like if it all worked out?

Apple would not charge me to take the broken drive. (They waived the $271 fee!) We can move a project out and have more time to make it even better. It will be easy to set up my computer and I can let go of what I no longer need. The process to get everything back again will be easy (this is still in progress).

What I LOVE about spiritual shit storms or challenging moments in life, is that it’s the best way to release what we no longer desire to have and it allows us to grow into who we’re really meant to be. It helps to get rid of what is ready to go – like a tree dropping its leaves.

Spiritual shit storms allow us to grow into who we’re really meant to be… Click to tweet!

Now it’s your turn, Sweet Soul…

Tell me what’s going on for you right now that fits into these categories, then answer the 3 Q’s:

#1. What you are learning from it.
#2. What’s good about it?
#3. What it would look like if it all worked out?

And if you have tools you use when you are met with a series of challenges in your life, I’d love to hear what it is you do or practice.

Do you hide, do you contemplate, do you look for the lessons?

Share with me below – you never know who will find your comment and grow or learn something about themselves because of you!

If you know any women who are having a hard time right now and feel like they are caught in
holiday-energy-vortex or a spiritual shit storm, please share this with them. I have a feeling they will LOVE you for it.


Your Angel of Fire,





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  1. I LOVED this post and I immediately used these questions to help one of my tonight who was having a stressful time. I could feel his energy immediately shift as he them. Afterwards he asked if I would send the questions to him so he could use them to contemplate on as an anchor for his upcoming week. He also shared that even though he has some really supportive family members and friends, that the quality of my questions to him is uniquely helpful. So thank you! Perfect timing.

    I then decided to put an ongoing challenge of mine through the same process: that of my uncertainty of what my focus as a coach is and where I am heading. For a long time, I was content in the not-knowing, taking action in spite of it. But in these last months, the uncertainty has taken up roommate status in my psyche and I’ve been wondering if this uncertainty might have become a means of keeping myself small rather than a natural part of doing something new that takes time to settle. It was really helpful to re-frame my experience in a way that allowed me to see the benefits and not just wanting to be done with it. Most particularly, I could recognize that I like helping people through uncertainty, so not only am I getting to teach what I most need, but also, I’ve been able to study up on the experience in a more than superficial way.

    • Awesome Linda! Good job using the questions to help one of your clients. 🙂 And then taking it on as a challenge is even more awesome. Glad you could use them to reframe your experience. 🙂

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