Lost Hope? Not Sure If You Can Do It Again?

Have you been knocked off your seat one time too many and not sure how you are going to get up again? or where to start? I know the dark thoughts that comes with feeling defeated.

It’s painful to even think about how you even got here, right?

Wipe those healing tears sister, take a deep breath and feel your heart. I got your back.  This is just part of life’s ebb and flow and it won’t last forever.

We ALL need to be reminded that we have it in us to GET UP AGAIN and move forward.

Let this be your mantra, soulful reminder + green juice for your confidence:

You’ve done it before. You can do it again. tweet this…

[FYI: this came out of a session with one of my Paradigm Coaching Clients and is now hanging on my wall.]

Now the big question. What are you going to start today?

Stretch Your Soul:

1. Tell me in the comments below exactly what you’re going to start today, like now? Have any good mantra’s or sayings that keep you going? We’d love to read those too!

2. Share this to inspire at least 3 people in your life today who need a lift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet soul for being YOU and taking the time to read, share and connect.

Your angel of fire,



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