Lost Hope? Not Sure If You Can Do It Again?

Have you been knocked off your seat one time too many and not sure how you are going to get up again? or where to start? I know the dark thoughts that comes with feeling defeated.

It’s painful to even think about how you even got here, right?

Wipe those healing tears sister, take a deep breath and feel your heart. I got your back.  This is just part of life’s ebb and flow and it won’t last forever.

We ALL need to be reminded that we have it in us to GET UP AGAIN and move forward.

Let this be your mantra, soulful reminder + green juice for your confidence:

You’ve done it before. You can do it again. tweet this…

[FYI: this came out of a session with one of my Paradigm Coaching Clients and is now hanging on my wall.]

Now the big question. What are you going to start today?

Stretch Your Soul:

1. Tell me in the comments below exactly what you’re going to start today, like now? Have any good mantra’s or sayings that keep you going? We’d love to read those too!

2. Share this to inspire at least 3 people in your life today who need a lift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet soul for being YOU and taking the time to read, share and connect.

Your angel of fire,



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  1. I am starting a workout routine and de-cluttering rooms in my house.
    The words that keep me going in tough times are I’m enough, I’m okay and I don’t need fixing. 🙂

  2. I will start today to meditate on my working challenge and going in mediattaion will decide to do only one work and will not quit it.

    This mantra lift me up and i addone more my own mantra seeing my life’s experiences and that is : I bear anything up or down in my life and can bear now anything. I am whole so how can be about I should not, i could not. Thank you so much for all your guidance.

  3. Deciding which pieces of the shattered reality (that broke bc it just didn’t fit anymore) – to pick up out of the dust and take with me on my new upward journey. I’m testing out my new life this week in SoCal and I’ve been getting good insight into what I want to keep and what’s OK to leave behind. “I’ve done this before, I can do it again” 🙂

  4. Daisy Graham says:

    At last I am realising for the first time in my life that life can revolve around me and I don’t have to live my life for somebody else. I can just be me, whether I am physically alone or with other people. The spirit within me is the best companion I have ever had.

  5. Rather than remaining in fear, stress, anger, or sadness I will return to my breath, feeling into the calmness, serenity, and bliss within my divine being. I will focus on meeting my own needs and fulfilling my own dreams, I will feel good now.


    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Awesome Leesa!

      • Dearest Hillary i have nt replied to you much I want you to know how much i love to get your letters i always make lots of new years resolutions to change lots with your help i will make this year my best love grateful Kim X

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