How much to charge as a coach when you’re first starting out

starthrblog42416In last week’s post, How I got my first 1:1 and group coaching clients (AND how you can too!), I promised to tackle the next hot topic: pricing. If you missed the previous post, check it out now!

You know that moment before you take the plunge to invest in yourself, with your finger hovering over the ‘pay now’ button, and all of a sudden all your sh*t comes up?

I know because I’ve been there and have witnessed hundreds of women sitting on the fence in this situation.

You are about to invest in a coaching program. It’s the biggest investment of your life after investing in college, a car, your house, etc. You’re feeling excited and a bit nervous. Like, “OMG, am I really going to do this, am I worth it???”

Your mind goes straight to thinking about how you’re going to make your money back, and build a business as a coach, and you haven’t even enrolled in a program.

The voice in your head begins to say, “Who do you think you are to do this?”

In a moment you begin to talk yourself out of your dream because you know it’s going to take work. You’re not concerned about the hard work, but you certainly are dealing with fear and ego.

Hello future tripper!

Come back to present time and let yourself be where you’re at.

You may be tripping up because you are ready to take the plunge, and you also need to make sure you can make money on your investment.

Or you may be out there practicing as a coach and are ready to take the next step to get paid. You may be getting advice to raise your rates, but you’re not feeling comfortable with that because you’ve never been paid. To ask for $100 for a month may make you feel sick to your stomach.

Raising your rates is not bad advice, but the timing needs to be right. Click to tweet…

When you’re starting out. You need to start somewhere and getting paid anything may feel off for you because of your mindset around being paid to help people, or that you’re not sure you can deliver, or if it would be worth it for your client.

This is all makes sense and is the inner game.

You may think it’s an issue with money, and maybe it is. Or it might be a sales thing.

Let’s say you’ve invested $2K, $5k or $10K in a program and you’re still wondering how in the world can I get paid?

Well do the math. If you are able to get 20 people to coach with you for $100/month, for let’s say 3 months (yes this may sound crazy), this pays for the program and you get paid to practice. Cool, right?

This idea is not mine, this came from my friend and Big Vision Coach, Makenna Johnston, who did this when she took her coach training. Her story is incredible and if you’d like to hear how she went from being a business professor and doula to becoming a coach, then click here to join us for the Breakthrough to Coaching Experience 5-day Challenge & Interview Series.

The thing is that what you charge for your services when you’re starting out, are starting out prices. This is a good thing because you’re on your way to becoming a great coach. You’re doing it!

The people who work with you are your guinea pigs. You get to test your coaching tools and process, and they get the benefit – and you get paid!

You do have to put it out there, feel good about it and believe in yourself. Click to tweet…

If you don’t, nothing will happen. And that’s ok, too! Honor your process and find what is uncomfortable to move your forward. Doing the training may be all the uncomfortable you can take on right now, and that’s OK.

Pricing is personal and knowing where you are, the experience you have, and what you can deliver, can help you to figure out what to charge. As a beginner, free is what is encouraged to get experience, and again, this has to feel good for you.

If you deal with imposter syndrome, taking action will help you get confidence so you can charge for your services. Make sure not to make the mistake of mixing this up with your self-worth.

When you know what you are coaching people to overcome, have life experience that backs you up, along with confidence that you can deliver, then why not charge something so you can build your confidence even more?

When I started coaching I was already working as a yoga teacher. I was seen as an expert and had private clients paying me $200 per session, and I sold packages of 10 sessions at a time. When I began to shift into coaching, I used this same pricing model as my base.

Then I worked the numbers to make it work for me, where I could feel comfortable charging and asking for the prices I had at the time.

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When people say get paid what you are worth, it brings up stuff for me because my time is worth something… however, my self worth is not the same as the worth of my time. Make sense?

Check in to see what it is for you.

Is your worth what you get paid?


Is your worth, your self-worth, more about how you view yourself?

Your worth for your coaching is one thing and your worth as a person is another. Please clear this up now so you can save years of agony over feeling like a failure because your identity is mixed up with your work in the world.

You are worthy no matter if you get paid as a coach or not. You may not agree, and that’s cool.

Your self-worth can not be quantified by dollars. Click to tweet…

As a spiritual practice, I always have to remind myself I’m worthy because I was born. No one and no thing defines my worth. Being born is enough evidence to show me that I’m worthy of this life. My time as a coach does have a price and for me it’s more about the experience I give, not the hours I work. It’s what I get out of it on an energy level and a financial level.

This is a number you get to decide. What you charge is up to you. When you start out, it’s not going to be the same price as when you’re in it for 3-5 or even 10 years. Everyone starts somewhere, so let yourself start.

And remind yourself: you’re worthy because you’re you.

Tell me, have you had your first paid coaching client? Are you open to being paid for your services? How does that feel?

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If you’re still struggling to charge for your services, make sure to share in the community so we can support you!


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