How to Overcome Settling In Your Life

canva image 6_5_15 blog never settleI want to know… where are you settling in your life? Are you DONE with settling? Are you done with just taking what ever comes your way? I don’t like to settle, but I know that I’ve done it because it was easy, and convenient, and in some ways… uncomfortably comfortable.

But the truth is, when we settle, we are literally cutting ourselves off from our desires, dreams & joy. Click to tweet…

I want to help you explore an area in your life where you are settling, so you can have an upgrade in your life or business.

Watch this video.

Take out your journal and follow these steps, so you can unchain yourself from the drudgery of settling:

1)  Pick one area in your life that you know, deep down, you are settling.

  • Business?
  • Love life?
  • Friendships?

2)  Ask yourself why you are settling?

  • Do you feel that you don’t deserve to have more?
  • Do you feel like having more is being greedy?
  • Do you believe that these are the cards you were dealt, so this is what your life looks like and this is what you have?

3)  See if there are any old beliefs from #2 that you are ready to shift. Write your new beliefs down in your journal.

There is always an opportunity for you to change your current situation and upgrade your life! Click to tweet…

4) Ask yourself what it is that you really desire?

  • Love?
  • Better communication?
  • More clients?
  • Clients who will pay you what you’re worth?

5)  Check in with yourself to see how you are attracting your current situation.

  • How are you being your own example of what you want?
  • How are you showing up?

Lastly, declare to yourself, the people around you, the universe: “This is what I want! This is how I’m upgrading what I want in the world.”

Like attracts like. Use your body language, your voice & your actions to call in your new situation. Click to tweet…

Start with focusing on what you already have, so you can manifest more of it. Click to tweet…

Sweet soul, leave a comment below. Tell me where you are settling in your life and the first thing you are going to do to have an upgrade.

Your Angel of Fire,






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